Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Abhir’s Antics Irks Akshara!

The Episode starts with Abhi and Akshu telling about the gifts and letter. She says Abhir did this for sure, I should have understood it after reading poetry. He says correct, we are here because of junior. Constable takes his phone and says tell your name and address. Anand waits for Abhi. Investor says I m not here for breakfast, will your hospital MD come or not. Aarohi calls Abhi. Mahima says he will come, he knows this meeting is very imp for us. Parth gets angry. Manish calls the hotel and asks did Abhi and Akshu reach there.

The girl says no. Abhir says I will check, sorry, I made a mistake, I wrote golden park instead port. Manish says it’s a garden, I will call them. Abhir says let it be, don’t call. Inspector comes. Akshu says we were not doing anything wrong. Abhi says we are not a couple. Inspector says we know everything. Akshu says our son did this prank. Inspector asks whose son. Abhi says our son.

Akshu says we aren’t a couple, everyone wants to unite us. Inspector says you are a couple if you have a son. They say no. He says you have a son out of wedlock, you should be ashamed. Akshu tells the laws and argues with him. He asks how do you know. She says I m a lawyer, and he is a doctor, you harassed us, I can file a case and get you suspended. Abhi says its my phone, let me talk. Inspector takes the call.

Manish asks what, Akshu and Abhir are with the police, what happened, tell me. Aarohi says police came to the park, couples were there, Parth and Anand went to the police station, Mahima is angry, Abhi didn’t come for investor meeting. Surekha says they refused to marry, then they are secretly meeting in the park. Suwarna says Akshu went there for a reason, I m sure its some mistake. Manish says I did all this, its my mistake, it was my idea, the same things went to Abhi also. Akshu comes home and shouts Abhir.

Manish stops her. She scolds Abhir. Abhir says no, I wrote park instead port by mistake, I was booking a table in the hotel. She gets angry. Manish says I know I should have stopped Abhir, I had a hope that this plan will work. Akshu asks do you have a problem with my living, did I become a burden, tell me. Muskaan takes Abhir with her. Akshu cries and argues. Manish says I m sorry, listen, don’t say, you have become a burden on me, I want to see you happy. She says don’t apologize, I request you, don’t find my happiness at the wrong places, I don’t want anything new in my life. She goes.

Abhi says I have no excuse for this. Mahima says you should control Abhir, he can’t do this, explain him. He says Akshu explained him. She says everything spoiled since the marriage talks started. Manjiri looks on. Ruhi calls Abhir and talks on video call. She says you wanted Abhi and Akshu to get married. He says you can tell me if you feel bad. She says no, he will love me, he should become your Dadda, he is your real dad, promise, I have no problem, I m a big girl, I understand everything.

Aarohi and Abhi look on and smile. He says she became so sensible. She says yes, I explained her, she is okay. He says it doesn’t mean Akshu and I will get together. She asks is Akshu stopping you from taking this step. He says myself, I m scared that everything will shatter again, whatever is there is enough.

Its morning, Akshu says your docman will drop you to school. Abhir says parents have to come and tell about their profession. She says I m busy, I can’t come, its your punishment. Manish and Abhi come. Manish says don’t punish him for my mistake. She says its his mistake also. She goes. Abhi says junior, its okay, she is upset, I will tell about my profession. Abhir says I know my mumma is angry, so she isn’t coming.

Akshu cries and hugs Abhinav’s pic. Manish says don’t cry Akshu, its all my mistake. She says no, Abhir would have done this even if you refused, if Abhinav was there, then he would have handled him, I don’t know to handle him. Manish says you are the best mum, he respects you, he is trying to fill Abhinav’s place. She asks how, by replacing him. He says no. They have a talk. She says I don’t want Abhir to forget Abhinav. He says he can never forget him, but he understood, his dad will never come back, its time, you also understand this.

At the school, Abhi tells everyone about his profession. Abhir recalls Akshu’s words. Teacher asks where is your mumma, Abhir. Abhi says she is busy, sorry. She says the parents meeting is over, thank you. Everyone leaves. Abhi says its okay junior, mumma is angry, but anger isn’t a permanent thing. Abhir says nothing will get normal. He makes a drawing on the board.

He says its me, mumma, Papa and you. He strikes one and circles the other three. He argues. He says my Papa left me forever, I stay with mumma, you came today and mumma didn’t come, can I never get a normal family like my friends have. Abhi says you have a normal family. Abhir says don’t lie, you both stay in different houses, its not a normal family. He runs out. Abhi worries.
Abhimanyu tells Akshara about the investors meeting. He sees her kurta tearing down and asks her to wear his coat. She refuses. He says please wear it, they will be here any time.


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