Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Dadi Rushed to Hospital!

The Episode starts with Abhi hearing everyone and recalling Akshu’s words. Abhi and Akshu say everything is fine, we won’t refuse if you want to give us the precious pearls. Dadi unites them hands and gives the pearls. She says always keep holding hands. She asks everyone to not worry and go, she is fine now. Suwarna asks Akshu to go. Akshu asks Dadi to take care. They all leave from the room.

Abhi asks what to do. Akshu asks what do you want. He says you do what you want, else you will taunt me that I m behaving like my dad. She says you are also sure that you did a mistake by marrying. Parth asks them to come. Akshu says Abhi is asking me to stay back, Dadi is unwell. Abhi says yes, she can stay here for a day. Manjiri asks did anything happen. Abhi and Akshu say everything is fine. Manjiri asks Akshu to come soon. Abhi says take care of Dadi. He goes thinking she has ego and didn’t come along. Akshu thinks his ego matters to him, me and my love don’t matter.

Abhi comes home. He sees the pearl. He recalls Dadi’s words. He thinks of Akshu. Akshu’s voice recording plays. Abhi smiles hearing Akshu’s funny poetry. She asks when will Abhi get this. Neil says I don’t remember what date and time I have set. She says Abhi should hear this when he misses me. Abhi says perfect timing. He cries. Manjiri comes. She asks him to talk to her.

Akshu sees the pearls and recalls Abhi’s words. Manjiri says I m worried for you. Abhi asks why, I just want to tell the truth, you are a great mum, you have done a lot for me, you tolerated a lot, but what’s the result, you never stayed happy, I never stayed happy, I have seen you crying, I got anger for Harsh, I decided to never get married, I don’t want such a life for myself, this matter affects me and my relation also, sorry to say this. She asks did anything happen between Akshu and you. He says you should have not forgiven him, you should have divorced him, Akshu thinks… tell me one thing, am I… He goes. Manjiri says my relation shouldn’t affect their relation. She cries.

Mahima says yes, you heard it right, I said Parth. Anand asks is he capable. Mahima says yes, he is the eldest son, he has the right on this chair, he is the heir. He asks who would suggest and support this, even a coma patient would take Abhi’s name. She says I will see to it that Parth sits on Harsh’s chair. He says good dream, but it won’t fulfil unless you have a plan. She says Abhi will make Parth sit on the chair, then who will have an objection.

Abhi thinks of Akshu. He looks at the door. Akshu comes running. He asks what happened. They see Dadi brought on a stretcher. Abhi asks Akshu to relax. Akshu asks will she get fine. Manish asks what happened to mum. Abhi says I will check and tell you. He examines Dadi. Aarohi comes and hugs Akshu. Abhi says she is fine, don’t worry, she is resting, meet her later.


Kairav asks how did this happen. Abhi says don’t stress, I will take care of her. Akshu says I will stay here. Kairav says I will stay. Aarohi says you all go home, I will stay here. They all go. Akshu is with Abhi. Abhi asks is Dadi taking any stress, did she get to know our matter.

Akshu worries. Abhi asks did she get to know that her given pearls aren’t able to sort our problem, I always speak my heart out, I don’t pretend, you told me that I m behaving like my dad, I m not able to forget this, we had to pretend that we are happy, lets be real. Manjiri comes to her room. She recalls Abhi and Akshu’s words. She gets hurt by the table and screams. Harsh wakes up and scolds her for disturbing his sleep.

He starts complaining. Manjiri recalls Abhi and Akshu’s words. She takes her pillow and leaves from the room. Harsh turns and sees her gone. Dadi says in sleep… Akshu.. you and Abhi.. stay happy. Akshu says I will get coffee. Akshu goes out and cries. Abhi sits crying.

Akshu sleeps on Abhi’s shoulder. Kuch na kaho…plays… Kairav holds Abhi’s collar and asks him to answer, why is Akshu crying. He asks Akshu to come. Akshu says I can take my decisions myself, don’t tell me what to do and what not.

Update Credit to: Amena

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