Aditi Sharma : Karanvir Sharma is the Biggest Prankster in the Sets | Rabb Se Hai Dua !

Aditi Sharma has found a good friend in her ‘Rabb Se Hai Dua’ co-actor Karanvir Sharma. They share a great bond together on the sets and never miss a chance to prank each other.

Aditi said: “It has not been a long time since we are shooting together but in the last couple of weeks Karanvir and I have become very good friends. In fact, we are known for the constant mischief and pranks that we do with each other and all the other cast members. We love having fun on the set and to keep the vibe very light and happy.”

While talking about her co-star, she called him a “biggest prankster”.

“We also keep making reels, making people laugh as well as pulling off some hilarious pranks on the cast and crew. Karanvir and I have developed a very strong bond with each other as well as the cast, but I know for a fact that he loves troubling me. He is the biggest prankster on the set of our show and when he does some prank on me, it leads to a fun revenge prank situation.”

“My go-to buddy for pranking Karanvir is Richa and when we team up, he gets cornered. No matter what, I truly believe that Karanvir, Richa, Saarvi Omana, Ankit Rajizada, Melanie, Nisha Ji and Sheela ji are the ones who make my shoot days better. Our bond is really special, and I hope our bond only gets stronger with every passing day of our shoot.”

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