Sirf Tum 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mamta giving promise to Ranveer, to know about the smile on his face. He says I will tell you, as I tell you everything. He asks her to get ready in the morning, and says I will make you see the reason of my smile. Mamta hopes Ranveer is talking about Rhea. She says ok. Dadi asks Suhani to study silently and bring degree home. She says if you ruin the family then I will punish you before Rakesh. Sudha says nothing will happen like this and says Suhani’s dream is to become a good surgeon and she will not see or do anything else.

Samaira asks Ranveer to wear this tshirt and says you look good in this. Ranveer asks if you have become fashion designer. He asks if Maa told you that I am taking her to college. Samaira says Bhai is mad in someone’s love and we are mad in your love. He says you all are making me mad. Samaira comes down and sees Mamta doing puja of Ganapati. Mamta says Ranveer is making me meet Rhea for the first time, and that’s why I will take Ganapati for her. Chachi keeps extra parathas for Rhea also, and says shall I call and inform Rhea that you are coming. Mamta says I am going to college, when I give indication, then get ready. Dadi says inform me after confirmation, and says I will keep my taunts list ready. Samaira says I can’t believe that my angry brother has romantic version too. Ranveer comes downstairs and says lets go Maa, we are getting late. Dada ji does his aarti, and says I have to do these rituals as your Dadi is not here. Ranveer asks Mamta why did she spread his news in the family. Mamta smiles. Samaira prays to God that Rhea shall be his girlfriend. Mamta sits on Ranveer’s bike. He says you used to come in your car. She says today she will go with him. Ranveer asks her to select the girl silently and don’t ask for options.

Vikrant’s car is stopped on the road. He gets down seeing Asha on the road and asks how dare you to stop my way. Asha says you are meeting me after a long time and saying this. Vikrant says I used to send you money every month. She says you haven’t seen his face yet. He says I have just one son and that’s Ranveer. She asks him to see his son’s pic. Vikrant refuses to see and throws the pic down. He says no game is given to such relations of rich people. Asha says my son needs his papa and he is feeling alone. She runs behind his car and collides with Rakesh’s bike. She falls down injured on the road. Rakesh asks if you are fine. He recognizes her and says Asha ji you are here.

Ranveer brings Mamta to his college on the bike. They get down the bike. Suhani also comes to the college. Ranveer sees Suhani and tells Mamta that the reason for his stupid smile is there, in white clothes. He points finger at Suhani, who is standing at a distance. Mamta looks at Rhea instead and opens her mouth. She says I like your choice. Ranveer looks at Suhani and smiles. Mamta looks at Rhea. She asks why you didn’t tell me before? Ranveer says I felt this recently and says I am happy that you like her. Mamta says lets go and talk to her. Ranveer says she came to became doctor here, and not bahu. He says I will make you meet her someday. Mamta says I will go and says everyone is waiting. She says I will tell them face to face. He says you make my news viral. John and Raghav come there and greet her. They ask when she is inviting them for lunch. Mamta gives them tiffin and asks them to come for lunch whenever they want. They have the paratha. Ranveer says leave some for me too. They see Dean coming and gets afraid. Ranveer asks them to go to class and says I will drop Maa. Mamta says I will go by myself and will call driver. Rhea comes to her and asks did you talk to Ranveer? Mamta tells Rhea that Ranveer’s choice is you and says even he loves you. Rhea is stunned and asks did he tell you? Mamta says yes, and he told that you are just one in his life. Rhea hugs her and says I was afraid unnecessarily.

Dean teaches the students about anesthesia. Ranveer and Ansh are entering the class at the same time and look at each other. Dean asks them to stop staring at each other and get inside the class. Ranveer enters the class first and sits on his bench. Ansh walks inside and sits on the other bench. Dean asks about the types of anaesthetia. Ansh raises his hand, along with Ranveer. Ranveer tells about the types. Ansh’s friend says he has stolen his chance.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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