Dharampatni 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pratiksha and her sisters leaving about the attack in mall. Hansa stops Chacha ji from going out. The goon slaps Jignesh and asks them to come with him. He slaps Jignesh again. Pratiksha and Kinjal see how the goon treating their parents and cry. The Police constable stops them. The goon asks them not to show any smartness. They go to handle the Police. Jignesh asks Parul to be there, and tells that he will return. He sees the guard dead and takes his gun. Jignesh sees the goons keeping the hostages sit. The goon is about to shoot a guy, when Jignesh shoots at the goon’s leg and beats him. The other goons are coming there.

Parul is also coming there. Dhawal worries for Pratiksha and her parents and blames her parents for asking more jewellery. Parul informs Jignesh that the goon is searching the guy who shot another goon. Jignesh gets the idea and asks the hostages to go out though fire exit. The goon shoots at them, they hide. Kinjal asks Pratiksha if she is not scared. Pratiksha says she is scared, but when Maa hugs her and Papa keeps his hand on her head, then all her fear will be gone. She comes inside. Jignesh asks Parul to go and tells that he will bring jewellery bag. Parul says I can’t let you go, as your life can be in danger. Jignesh says Pratiksha’s inlaws asked for the jewellery and we shall give. He asks her not to worry. The goon shoots at Jignesh. Pratiksha is near him.

Parul asks her to take her Papa from there. Pratiksha takes him to restaurant and asks him to be there, till she brings Maa. She comes to her mother and hugs her. Her mother asks why did you come here? Pratiksha says she will die for her hug. The goon shoots at Parul. The Police come there and grab the goons. Parul tells Pratiksha that she wanted to see her in bridal wear for her marriage. She asks her to look after her sisters and motivates her asking her never to lose hope. She asks her to take her to her husband and says she has to take permission from him before leaving. pratiksha takes her there and finds her father dead. Parul also dies, keeping her hand in her husband’s hand. Kinjal comes there and gets shocked seeing them dead. She cries. Pratiksha cries recalling their moments.

Pratiksha, Kinjal and Dhingli cry seeing their parents’ dead bodies. Their last rites are done by their Chacha ji.

15 days later. Pratiksha’s inlaws come there and tell that they shall get the marriage done. Pratiksha says she is alone after Maa and Papa left. Dhawal tells her that if they get married then their soul will be peaceful. Pratiksha recalls her mother’s words. She says I remember my Maa and Papa’s wish, but how to leave my sisters alone. Dhawal says we will settle down them together. Pratiksha asks will you help me? He says yes. Pratiksha says I am ready for the marriage.

Precap: Pratiksha gets ready for marriage. Dhawal’s mother demands property on their names. Dhingli accuses them of their parents’ death. Dhawal’s mother tells that Pratiksha will never get married. Pratiksha walks away.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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