Anupamaa : Adhya Grows Insecure !

Anupamaa witnessed a gripping drama unfold as Anuj and Anupamaa were visibly contemplative after their encounter. Anupamaa was deeply affected upon discovering that Anuj had moved on and was soon to be married. Overwhelmed with emotion, she had an impulse to escape the vicinity. However, Yashdeep intervened and advised her to seek closure in this paused, yet unresolved, relationship.

In the upcoming episode, Adhya strategically keeps her father occupied by involving him in the preparations for Shruti’s birthday party. Meanwhile, Anuj remains lost in his thoughts, even as he carries out daily tasks and decorates his home for the celebration.

Adhya becomes aware of Anuj’s distracted state and frequently checks on him, attempting to understand his inner turmoil. Her suspicions escalate when she tries to access his phone and realizes that Anuj has changed the passcode. Concerned and doubtful of Anuj’s actions, Adhya grows increasingly worried.

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