Anupamaa: Kinjal & Shah’s Welcome Girl Baby !

Shah family visits Kapida House to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik look at them frowning and move aside. Anuj and Anupama welcome them. Hasmukh addresses Bappa that both families tried their best to separate, but Bappa reunited them again. Anupama starts pooja.

Toshu gets a call from Sanjana and Kinjal that he got an interview call from a company and need to visit their Mumbai office for 2 days. Kinjal and Anupama ask if the go tomorrow. Toshu says he has to go today itself. Vanraj asks which company. Toshu says he will once the job is finalized. Kinjal wishes him good luck, and he leaves. Little Anu asks Anupama if they can start pooja of eco-friendly Bappa. Leela asks what does eco-friendly mean. Anuj explains. Pooja starts with everyone performing pooja one by one.

Kinjal starts feeling uneasy and gets labor pain. Family rushes to her concerned. Kinjal requests Anu to be with her. Anuj asks Anupama not to waste time and take Kinjal to hospital. Anupama leaves with Kinjal and Shahs. Little Anu asks GK what happened to Kinjal bhabhi.

GK says Kinjal is getting a baby. Little Anu feels happy hearing that. Anuj feels helpless for being unable to help Anupama in need and expresses his frustration saying a wife is a always by her husband in need, but a husband is unable to help her, etc. He prays god to protect Anpama.

Anupama and Shahs take Kinjal to a hospital and inform Rakhi about Kinjal’s condition. Kinjal requests Anupama to be with her in a labor room. Anupama agrees and enters labor room with her. Leela describes a mother’s condition during delivery and prays god to protect both mother and baby. Samar calls Toshu and finds his phone not reachable.

Anuj calls Vanraj who briefs that Anupama is with Kinjal in a labor room. He asks not to worry as Anupama will handle everything and to keep him updated of Kinjal’s condition. Pakhi video chats with Adhik who acts as cheering her up and then fumes once she disconnects call. Anupama continues to comfort Kinjal. Samar says Toshu’s phone is still not reachable. Vanraj feels axious. Leela says every woman has to go through this pain. Vanraj talks about woman’s sacrifice.

Anuj continues to pray god. Doctor encourages Kinjal to push and when she fails, she asks Anupama to go out as she needs to perform Kinjal’s cesarean section. Anupama walks out and informs that Kinjal’s BP is shoot up and hence doctor advised cesarean section. Leela fumes that doctor just wants to increase hospital bill. Family tries to calm her down. Anupama explains Kinjal’s situation.

Vanraj asks Anupama to take a decision. Anupama says cesarean section would be better for Kinjal. Family agrees. Vanraj updates Anuj about Kinjal’s condition. Anupama returns to Shahs after sometime and gives good news that they got a Lakshmi home. She congratulates each family member. They all rejoice.

Precap: Anupama and Vanraj feel immensely happy seeing Kinjal’s baby. Over video call, Vanraj expresses his feelings to Anuj and touches Anupama’s shoulder unknowingly. Anuj gets jealous noticing that.

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