Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pavan giving the phone to Priya. She goes to her room. Shubham says I have handled everything. Nandini says Vedika and you are making such big mistakes. He says I can’t believe what she is doing, Priya doesn’t get scared, she cares for family. She says yes, she will try to find the blackmailer, I have to do something. Priya doesn’t get the messages.

She says Nandini might have deleted the messages. She calls the doctor and thanks him. He says Shubham came to me, he asked me to lie to you, Nandini spoke to me. Priya thanks him. She goes to the room and smiles seeing Ram and Priya playing. Priya asks Ram to go and sleep. Ram falls over Priya. Pihu jumps on him and says I won. Priya asks Ram to say, Pihu is the winner. Ram says Pihu is the winner, I m the loser, its late, you both sleep. Pihu asks why, you promised you will stay with me and care for me, please don’t go, sleep here. Nandini comes there. Priya says let him go and sleep, you also sleep now. Ram goes.

Krish messages Priya asking about Pihu. Priya thinks Pihu is loving Ram, what shall I do, Nandini won’t like it. She messages Krish, Pihu is fine, I want a proof against Nandini, she can go to any extent to kick them out of the house. Krish asks did anything happen. Priya thinks to meet Krish and talk to him. He asks her not to worry, he will find proof against Nandini soon. She thanks him.

Nandini messages Ishaan. Krish asks is it your GF’s message. Ishaan says no. He gets the threatening message and worries. Krish asks is everything fine. Ishaan says yes. He leaves. Krish thinks what happened to him suddenly. Ram recalls Pihu and fills a questionnaire about Pihu. Priya comes.

She reads the questions and answers about Ram. He says I will discuss it with Pihu. She says thanks, you are doing a lot to keep her happy. He says even Pihu is adjusting a lot. She says she will miss you a lot after she goes from here. He gives her a glass of water. He asks her about adventures, what is it. She says secrets aren’t told. He asks why doesn’t Krish stay with you, why were you and Pihu going in truck, tell me, don’t I have a right.

Priya says we have to go from here in two days. Ram says you are in hurry to go. She says like you want to stop us, you also want to move on. He says yes, right. She thinks I want to stay back, but with what right. He thinks I don’t have a right, else I would have stopped you. She thinks no, I can’t stay.

Ram thinks I wish you stay back and not go anywhere. Pavan says inspector has come. Police catches Shubham. Adi and Vikrant stop them. Ram comes and asks Shubham is he okay. Shubham says yes, I had few drinks. Inspector says you would know it.

Vikrant says he has raised hand on a police officer, he has to apologize. Shubham says I won’t apologize. Ram apologizes to Inspector. He says I will issue a public apology. Inspector asks him to handle Shubham, its 5 years now, Ram always apologizes. Inspector goes. Ram says I will drop you. Shubham asks will your guilt end, like Shivi died, Priya is here.

He blames Priya. She says I got the punishment. He asks did Shivi come back, no, but you came back, we came to plead. Ram says she is leaving, please don’t drink and drive, its dangerous. Shubham says mom will have more medicines, what will happen. Ram says you need to rest. Ram takes Shubham. Vikrant says Shubham will make mistakes, Ram will apologize.

Adi says Ram blames himself for this. Priya thinks we all are sorry for Shivi’s leaving, Nandini is faking the medicines usage and Shubham is also lying to make Ram feel guilty. Its morning, Sandy and everyone talk to Pihu about Ram. Pihu says Ram hates liars and cheaters. Ram and Priya come. Ram says your answers are right. Sandy says we will take your test now.

Sara says I have to ask something to Ram. Vikrant says I also want to say the same. She says Ram, we met the pandit ji, we said we have to keep the rituals simple, because interview is also there. Ram says the marriage is a real thing, the deal is secondary. Priya says yes, he is right, the rituals should complete. Ram says yes, sorry.

Sara asks Ram will you do my kanyadaan, I know you will always be there to support me. Vikrant says yes, you all are my family. Adi jokes that its good for the deal also. He says Ram will do it. Pihu asks what is it. Ram says you will know it when you see me doing the kanyadaan. Vikrant thanks him. Ram says I need to eat the food, I need energy to spend the day with Pihu.

Ram and Pihu spend time. Krish says don’t tell me if anything happens, someone is threatening Ishaan also. Nandini threatens Priya on her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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