Bhagya Lakshmi 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Ayush that Malishka don’t want to talk to him. Ayush says we all know the reason. Ayush gives new phone to Rishi. Rishi calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Shalu to tell what happened, and says bani might be missing me so that’s why called. She asks if there is another reason. Shalu says you know us well. Lakshmi says you both are part of me.

Shalu tells her everything about Neha hurting Bani. Lakshmi says Bani is emotional and takes small things also on heart. She says Bani was not missing me, but missing Maa and Bau ji. She says bani’s heart was hurt and she must be missing them, when there are not here, I am here so she messaged me. Shalu hugs her and says di, you know us so well. She says even Bani said that she was missing Maa and Bau ji and that’s why she messaged you. She says we both are very lucky to have you.

Lakshmi says I am lucky to have you both. She says Bani is sad about one more thing and asks her to remember the day. She says today Maa and Bau ji took Bani to the school for the first time. Shalu says Bani asked me to drop her to classes today. She says she is not expressive. Lakshmi says why do I ask you to take care of her always, she is very sensitive and emotional, we have to take care of her. Shalu says I take her responsibility, she will wake up laughing. Lakshmi says she will stay here.

Shalu asks her to go. Lakshmi asks her to make her talk to Bani, just as she wakes up. Shalu says ok and hugs her. Lakshmi kisses Bani and goes out. She comes to Neha and tells her that she is going, but wants to tell her one thing. She says actually I want to warn you being your elder sister. She says if you do this again, then I will come here and will beat you infront of Chachi. Neha says beating. Lakshmi says yes, I am elder than you and can do this. She says I can do this with Shalu and Bani too.

Neha asks if you are my mother, don’t lecture me and don’t use your mind much, asks her to do something to save her marriage. Rano tells that she don’t want Lakshmi’s marriage to break. Neha says you wanted it to break. Rano says she wanted Lakshmi’s marriage to break so that Neha can take the place, but now Malishka will take over Lakshmi’s place, so that’s why she don’t want Lakshmi to get divorce. Shalu says she likes Chachi for this. Rano and Neha tell that Malishka is a witch.

Rano says if she is witch, then I am chandi. Lakshmi asks them to stop it. They say bad words for Malishka. Rano says I am still same Chachi, and says I will have relation with the family because of Lakshmi. She says if you need me, then tell me, I will bring the sword. Lakshmi says it is not needed, and says Rishi and my marriage will not break easily, now I have the reason to stay with him.

Karishma says Lakshmi will stay here due to her pregnancy. Kiran says now nothing can be done. Virender says we will sort this out after Ahana’s roka. He says court has given 3 months out of which 1 month have passed. He says now it has become family matter, and tells that Rishi shall choose if he wants baby or his parents and family. He goes. Kiran asks if Virender said this.

Karishma says he don’t like or dislike someone easily and says now he has hatred for Lakshmi. Dadi asks Karishma why she is not happy. Karishma says how can we be happy after hearing about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Dadi says nobody is happy that Rishi is going to be a father. She gets hopeful. Karishma asks her to stop it and says this is bad news, how can we be happy? Dadi says the heir of the family is coming and you’re not happy. She says I am seeing Rishi’s baby, and you people are seeing just Lakshmi.

Karishma says you are speaking as if you are old era’s mom. Dadi says feelings will be same amidst the era. Door bell rings. Dadi says Lakshmi might have come and opens the door. She sees Gautam and asks her to come inside. Gautam says he has come as Sudha’s call was unreachable. He says he came to ask for permission. He says he is buying a house tomorrow so he wants their permission to take Ahana there. He asks Ahana if he disturbed her. Ahana says no. He asks her if she would like to come. Ahana says lets go.

Rishi gets drunk. Ayush asks do you want to talk to me. He takes him. Lakshmi reaches home. Malishka shouts calling her name. She asks what did you do, and how you did? Lakshmi asks what do you mean? Malishka says you shall not say anything. She says even if you have Rishi’s child, you will be illiterate. She says I don’t understand why did Rishi touch you? She says you have no beauty, mind, etc. She says you have nothing and asks where did Rishi touch her? Lakshmi looks on.

Ayush takes Rishi to room and takes off his shoes. He then covers him with comforter and is about to go, when Rishi holds his hand. Rishi says I am happy. Ayush says you are happy, I see your happiness, you had so much drink. He says honestly I shall be happy, but I can’t be happy.

Malishka asks Lakshmi not to say where did he touch her? She says he must have touch you that you got pregnant, and says it might not be magic that you got pregnant. She asks where did he touch you? Lakshmi asks her to go home. Malishka asks again. Lakshmi says here and shows her hand and neck. Malishka gets teary eyes. Lakshmi tells Rishi has touched her soul. Malishka goes upset from there. Lakshmi looks on.

Precap: Lakshmi hugs Dadi and says I know you love me even now. Rishi asks if she is running away, as she has to answer him. He says today you have to answer. Karishma asks Lakshmi, who is she, to get pregnant with his child. Ayush says she is habitual to insult people. Lakshmi falls in Rishi’s arms. She thinks I will not let this relation break. Malishka comes there and looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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