Bhagya Lakshmi 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi running to Rishi. Rishi asks if she is racing with ghost? Lakshmi says why are you taking ghost name, this cave is dangerous. Rishi says this might be resort which got inside the land, and says he needs to clear this place. Lakshmi says if anyone else fell down like us. Rishi says some other persons had also fallen here, and now their souls wander here. Lakshmi says there is no network here and asks him to shout and call people.

Rishi asks do you think that I don’t have a mind. Lakshmi says you have, atleast you can talk to me nicely. He asks how did you know that Juhi and I are stuck here. He asks did you hear my voice? Lakshmi says she sensed that he is here. He asks from where did you get such talent. She says you taunt me so much, did I ask you from where you get this talent. Rishi looks for Juhi and goes. Lakshmi looks for Rishi. Balwinder tells Bobby that he wants to take revenge from Rishi, he came here and fell in the cave, and asks him to show where it is. Bobby points his finger at the cave.

Balwinder asks him to come and take him there. They come there. Bobby says don’t know why Rishi went there. Balwinder says this time, his death is sure. He turns his face seeing Ayush. Ayush talks to Paritosh on call and tells that Rishi is not in the garden area. Bobby calls Balwinder. Ayush comes to Balwinder and pats on his shoulder. He goes on talking on phone. Bobby asks him to come. Balwinder says he got a call. Neelam says we will leave soon. Kiran comes there.

Karishma says we are waiting for Rishi, and says he will go with us, and asks Kiran to take Lakshmi in her car, if she has no problem. Kiran says I don’t want Rishi and Lakshmi to stay away from each other. Karishma says if they are on mission to separate them, which she wants from day 1, but can’t do now due to court orders. Kiran tells that Judge asked Rishi and Lakshmi to stay together, as she saw Rishi caring towards her. She asks Neelam to force Lakshmi and torture her to leave, so that she goes herself. She tells that we are not going against any order, but will trouble Lakshmi.

Karishma says we can’t provoke Rishi or Lakshmi against each other. Kiran says we just want to break her. Neelam says she will break, as this time I will trouble and torture her, and she will not wait for 3 months and will leave before that. She says I will show her real value, and she will meet her real saas in real means.

Lakshmi searches for Rishi and Juhi. Juhi sees a spider and asks Lakshmi not to come near her. Rishi comes there and says I searched you everywhere. Lakshmi says Juhi is scared of spider and throws it away. Juhi hugs her. Rishi says atleast you can cheer up the kids, and tells that he will see how to leave from here. Lakshmi asks Juhi if she is still scared. Juhi nods yes. Lakshmi says life is such, if we see beautiful things, then we see dangerous and scary things too.

Balwinder is coming near the cave opening. Lakshmi says we shall fight with the trouble and it will go away from us. Juhi says trouble can return. Lakshmi says it will again go back and asks her not to worry. Juhi asks promise. Lakshmi says yes. Rishi thinks how to get away from this trouble. Balwinder peeps inside the cave, and asks what are you doing here in this pit, I got a chance to take care of you. Rishi asks Balwinder to go to resort and tell them to save him.

Balwinder says he will do whatever his boss says, and praises him, then calls him sinner. He says I do bad with the person doing bad with me, I am not a saint, but a sinner. Rishi asks Balwinder to inform the resort staff. Balwinder asks if my love was not love, you have snatched it. Rishi asks him to listen. Balwinder asks him to go to God and enjoy. He keeps a big stone on the cave opening closing it. Rishi is shocked and shouts Balwinder.

Virender asks Neelam if there is any problem. He says we are going in 30 mins. Neelam asks Virender what did he tell to Lakshmi? Virender says I didn’t talk to her. Neelam says you have given her a big punishment, you talk to her nicely. Kiran says you couldn’t bear when Inspector was saying wrong about Lakshmi. Virender says it is a fact. Kiran says it was showing that you got angry. Karishma says we can’t stoop low to Lakshmi’s level, she is very clever. She says we shall keep Rishi and Lakshmi away. Kiran says for Malishka….Virender stops her and asks Karishma what does she mean?

Lakshmi asks Rishi, how the opening got closed. Rishi says due to you. Lakshmi says I was not here. Rishi says Balwinder had come here and closed the opening. Virender tells that court has given them 3 months time and asks them not to do anything. He says Rishi came here for his career and business. Karishma says you are taking Lakshmi’s side. Virender says I am not taking her side, and says she is not as I thought, her Chachi told that she came for money/alimony.

Rishi says Balwinder came to take revenge on him. Virender says we shall think what to do for kids. He requests Kiran to please shut up and says the kids are grown up and knows what to do. He says they shall stand with them and asks Neelam not to do cheap politics in his home. He says we are leaving in 30 mins. Kiran says what he said. Neelam says sometimes he says much. Karishma says he is too much. Neelam says she will do whatever she want. Lakshmi recalls Pandit ji’s words and thinks how to save Rishi. She thinks if this is coincidence or Pandit ji’s words.

Karishma says shall I ask Rishi to come with us. Neelam says no, they will return home after a day, for now Virender shall be happy that I agreed his sayings. Lakshmi thinks how to save Rishi.

Precap: Lakshmi tells Rishi that his time is not right and says markesh dosh…Rishi says I don’t believe on markesh dosh and says I am not dead. Lakshmi keeps her hand on his mouth. Neelam tells Virender that she wants to show everyone that their relation is good, but it is not like that, and he knows it. Rishi and Lakshmi fall down as the sand and rock fall on them. Lakshmi shouts as Rishi faints after stones fall on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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