Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st April : Ishaan’s Support for Savi ; Akka Saheb Slaps Mamaji !

Bhosales are shocked to watch Anvi’s confrontation video. Anvi breaks down. Durva and Reeva show their concern for Anvi. Mukul tells Yashwant that it’s a deep fake video created by Savi to defame him. Savi warns him to stop his lies as this video is accidentally recorded from Apsara’s video. She recalls walking to Apsara and confronting her for not opposing her while the whole family was opposing her; she says Apsara knows about her husband’s heinous act, but is covering him up; she is silently watching her husband molesting Anvi and is a much bigger sinner than Mukul.

Apsara asks when Anvi didn’t say anything, why is she bothered, she should silently leave from here. Savi reveals that Anvi tried to commit suicide and if she had succeeded, even Apsara would have been responsible for it. Apsara feels guilty and asks what she wants her to do. She remembers taking Savi’s phone in recording and asks her to check if something is recorded.

Out of flashback, Savi describes how she lent her phone to Apsara to record the game when Apsara’s phone fell into thandai. Apsara says she just wanted to record the quality moments, but didn’t know that her husband’s black truth was getting recorded. Mukul claps and says Savi not only brainwashed Anvi but also brainwashed Apsara, she must have fed bhang mixed thandai to Anvi and made her speak against him, they all can see that he is being trapped. He accuses Savi of mixing bhang in their thandai and manipulating them. Savi asks how much more will he lie and says he was force-feeding thandai to everyone. She continues to tongue lash him for misusing family’s goodness and molesting it’s daughter; she tried to expose Mukul’s truth, but nobody listened to her, etc.

Ishaan says many times, Savi tried to expose truth, but they didn’t listen to her; she pleaded to give her a last chance and if she fails she will leave the house permanently. He recalls her telling the same to him and packing her bags, he getting into dilemma of whether to trust her or Mukul who is a father figure to him, etc, but then giving her a last chance for Anvi’s sake. Out of flashback, Ishaan thanks god that he gave Savi a last chance or else they would have blindly trusted Mukul and let Anvi suffocate whole life. He thanks Savi for exposing monster Mukul’s truth and says he can never even believe in his dream that his mama can do this, etc. Reeva feels sad seeing Ishaan trusting Savi. Asmita thanks Savi next.

Mukul asks why can’t they all understand that Savi brainwashed everyone. Nishi warns him to shut up, how dare he is to eye on his daughter, etc. Mukul warns him not to believe Savi or else he will repent. Nishi says he is repenting for not understanding his daughter’s pain since years; he is sparing Mukul for the family’s sake or else he would have punished him to the core. Mukul asks Ishaan to trust him, he considers them all as his own kids and can never do wrong with them. Ishaan says he feels ashamed to call him as mama and is repenting for trusting him. Mukul says enough now, they are nothing in front of him, cheap people are questioning him. Surekha gives him a tight slap.

Precap: Savi feels happily and lost in her own thought. Kuch To Hua Hai.. song plays in the background. She writes I love Chidkiya in her book. ishaan reads it.

Update Credit to: MA

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