Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai’s Green Tea Treat For Virat !

Virat reaches terrace and thinks where did Sai go calling him here. Sai enters wearing chef hat and welcomes him to their adda. He stands surprised seeing a decoration. She says her friend wanted to take his friend to a restaurant for a treat and hence she made a set up here itself, hopes he likes it. She plays music. He set up is okay, but how will he enjoy without his friend. She removes chef cap and greets him as modak. He greets back and says she surprised him again and reminded him of Mahabaleshwar trip.

She remembers his spectacular arrangement in Mahabaleshwar on their first wedding anniversary. He says they shouldn’t talk about the day after that. He then prepares green tea for her and congratulates her for her readmission. She thanks him and enjoying tea says she cannot believe that she got readmission in Nagpur medical college and was leaving it unnecessarily. He thinks he can’t believe Sai arranged this for him. She excitedly talks about attending lectures.

He asks if she didn’t bunk a single lecture. She says never. He says he is surprised, maybe because she is unique and does what other’s don’t. She says she doesn’t want to be influenced by him regarding this. He asks does he influence her. She says she hated wearing jewelry before marriage, but is wearing now after marrying him, showing her jewelry. He also shows his ring.

Pakhi watches them hiding. Virat says he was a president of V2S. She says Virat, Sada, Sunny. He says not bad. She says thank you. He feels sad remembering his exciting days in college. She says she had only one friend in school, her Aaba who used to tell her that he is her genie and will fulfill all her demands. He says he knows Aaba used to fulfill all her demands. She describes how Aaba taught her driving police jeep and she asked him to teach her more when they shift to Nagpur. He says she never informed him this story. She says she has tons of story about her and Aaba and they both will get old if she continues her stories. He asks it means she will be with her in their old age. She gets serious and tries hit him with a pillow. He says sorry and says let us cheers for her Aaba and his guru Kamal sir. They finish green tea.

Pakhi cries remembering her yoga camp with Virat and rest of the events. Virat asks Sai if he can get one more cup of tea. She says yes and goes to get cup. Pakhi walks towards Virat when Samrat enters and stops her. She is shocked to see him. He asks what is she doing here and why she was going towards Virat. She says she came up for a fresh air as she is feeling anxious since saw a nightmare of him being shot in battlefield. He says looks like she is dreaming what she desires. She says since he went missing, she fears he wouldn’t return even this time. He hugs and consoles her. She hugs him remembering Virat and murmurs Virat, but gets alert and draws her hands back hearing Samrat’s voice. Sai returns and says Pakhi was missing Samrat a lot and even got a nightmare regarding him. Samrat says Pakhi informed him about it. Sai says Pakhi reconciled her differences with her and slept in her room that night.

Virat returns and asks Samrat when did he come. Samrat says when he saw him. Virat asks if his orphanage issue is solved. Samrat says yes, he saw lights on terrace, came here to check, and a saw a party going. Sai says it just a celebration of her college readmission. Pakhi taunts first and then says it calls for a celebration. Samrat says even Pakhi likes green tea. Pakhi says she wants to go and rest. Samrat says she wanted to celebrate. She says she will get peaceful sleep seeing him safe and wishes goodnight to Sai and Virat. Samrat says even he will go. Sai asks modak to finish is green tea as she needs to wake up early to do some important work. Pakhi thinks what is her new conspiracy now.

Next morning, Bhavani smells a special dish from kitchen. Sonali and Karishma join her followed by Mansi who say she smells snacks/farar from kitchen. They head to dining room where Sai offers chakli to Bhavani. Bhavani asks what is she doing here early morning. Sai says she prepared all the snacks. Sonali yells that Sai must have bought farar from store. Ashwini walks in and says when she came to kitchen to prepare tea, she was surprised to see Sai preparing farar. Sonali says it must be tasting really bad. Sai asks her to try. Sonali tastes and says its very tasty, then says very bad. Karishma tastes next and says its yummy.

Bhavani says its Sai’s duty as a bahu and there is nothing to praise. Sai mimicks Bhavani. Pakhi enters and says Sai can do anything and can do more work. Bhavani orders Sai to fix lanterns. Karishma says Mohit does that. Bhavani says Mohit will bring sweets, she is lessening Mohit’s work. Pakhi continues yelling and informs that Samrat returned home last night. Sai says he finished his orphanage work and returned last night. Sonali orders Sai to fix lantern instead of chatting. Sai climbs ladder to fix lantern. Virat grins noticing that.

Precap: Bhavani notices Sai and Virat hugging each other in car and yells at them. Pakhi taunts Sai took Bhavani’s order seriously of giving her a heir and is executing her task. Sai warns her to stop and asks when Pakhi can call her husband outside and cried on her husband’s shoulder in cafeteria in front of everyone and is opposing her hugging her own husband. Pakhi warns to shut her mouth.

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