Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Savi Faces Tough Time ; Reeva Emotionally Broken !

The episode kicks off with college lecturer Parajvi, unaware of the dissolution of Ishaan and Reeva’s marriage, planning a surprise party for them under the assumption they are wedded. Parajvi instructs the attendant to arrange the party, who complies and departs.

Parajvi greets Reeva, complimenting her fresh look, and questions the absence of her Mangalsutra and Vermillion. Reeva attempts to clarify, but Parajvi jumps to her own conclusions and disregards Reeva’s explanation. Parajvi informs Reeva of a staff room meeting and requests her to bring Ishaan along.

Savi, unable to eat due to the canteen incident, cleans up and drinks tap water to quell her hunger. Ishaan approaches Savi, inviting her to eat with him. Savi declines, claiming she isn’t hungry, but the rumbling of her stomach betrays her. Ishaan questions Savi’s silence about the incident, to which Savi responds that if she had sought his help, it would have confirmed their marital status. Savi asserts that Ishaan is her husband outside the college, not within, and she doesn’t want to burden him with her issues. Ishaan concurs and offers Savi a tomato, which she accepts before leaving. Ishaan decides to inform Yashwant about the incident.

Reeva informs Ishaan about Parajvi’s summons to the staff room for a meeting, and they both head there. Upon arrival, Shukla observes the lecturers preparing a surprise party for Reeva and Ishaan. Shukla informs lecturer Sharma about the non-occurrence of Ishaan and Reeva’s marriage and Ishaan’s marriage to Savi instead. Sharma, upon learning this, shares the news with the other lecturers. Initially shocked, they regain their composure and dismantle the decorations while Parajvi keeps a lookout for Reeva and Ishaan.

The lecturers remove all decorations and gifts just as Ishaan and Reeva enter the staff room and inquire about the situation. Lecturer Sharma deflects, claiming they were discussing extra classes for students. Ishaan dismisses the need for such a discussion, assuring that he will complete all classes on time and urging the lecturers to complete the syllabus promptly. The lecturers agree.

As Ishaan and Reeva prepare to leave, a banner congratulating them on their wedding falls from the wall. Ishaan sets the banner aside, notices the gifts, and realizes what transpired. He advises the staff members to focus on the students, and they agree. Ishaan and Reeva exit, leaving Parajvi to accidentally sit on the cake, much to the amusement of the other lecturers. A lecturer comments on the ruin of Reeva’s life, which Reeva overhears before departing.

Reeva overhears two staff members gossiping about her, expressing sympathy and wondering how she will conduct a class with Savi present. Reeva, recalling the incident and feeling hurt, tells Preeti she won’t be teaching today due to ill health and leaves.

Preeti informs the class about Reeva’s absence, leading Durva to comment that Reeva didn’t teach because she dislikes seeing Savi. Savi exits upon hearing this.

Yashwant calls Ishaan, inquiring if he spoke with Savi, to which Ishaan confirms he did.

Yashwant expresses his desire to keep any news from spreading prior to the reception. Ishaan concurs with this sentiment and resolves to discuss Yashwant’s instructions with Savi before she returns home.

Ishaan approaches Shukla to inquire about Savi’s whereabouts, only to learn that Savi has already departed from the college.

In the upcoming episode, Surekha watches a video revealing the recent events. She informs Savi that she will be confined to the house starting the next day. Savi questions Surekha, asking why she should be penalized when she is not to blame.

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