Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Will Savi Manage to Reach Reception Venue?

Savi tells Reeva that she doesn’t know how it feels to stay in a house where everyone hates her and have problem with her. She says Reeva is everyone’s favorite, so she doesn’t have any right to pass on a comment on her. She says she knows Reeva and Ishaan have a past and they used to like each other; they should stop speaking about her, etc. Ishaan asks her to stop it; Reeva was worried for her and spoke out of concern. Savi says it was not out of concern but in anger. She leaves from there. Reeva says if Savi continues her anger and misbehavior like this, Surekha and Yashwant will face humiliation in front of guests tomorrow, so he has to handle Savi tomorrow during reception for Surekha and Yashwant’s sake.

Next morning, picks her job uniform and ID to get ready. Ishaan bumps on her and asks her to keep herself calm. He requests her not to create any issue during reception. Savi agrees to keep herself calm and says she wants to inform him something important. Nishi walks in and tells Ishaan that Yashwant is calling him. Ishaan leaves with him. Savi thinks if she shall message and inform him about her job, she is getting late for work.

Durva and Anvi take care of reception arrangement. Surekha tastes dishes and scolds chefs. Savi thinks Surekha looks angry, so she should check with someone else when shall she return home. She asks Shikha when will get start coming for the reception. Shikha says guests will come by 8 p.m., so she needs to get ready by 7-7:15 p.m. Surekha walks to her and orders her to stay in her room, she will send her dress and makeup artist to do her make up. Savi silently leaves house thinking she will return home by 7 p.m. She starts working repeatedly looking at the watch and requests boss to let her go by 6 p.m. Boss agrees. Harini calls her and requests her to continue her shift for some more time as her daughter got injured and she brought her to a hospital. Savi says she needs to return home by 6 p.m. Harini says she will be there before that. Boss asks Savi if she didn’t go yet. Savi says she is waiting for Harini. Boss asks if she is replacing Harini, she can’t leave until Harini comes. Savi gets nervous looking at the watch.

Asmita shows Harini’s reception dress to Surekha. Surekha says Savi should look good for their family’s sake. She accompanies Asmita to give dress to Savi. They knock the door and when Savi doesn’t respond open the door and don’t find her there. Surekha gets tensed and asks all family ladies to search for her. They all check and don’t find her in the whole house. Reeva says they shall check with Ishaan as he must be knowing. Yashwant with Nishi and Ishaan heads towards home from a meeting and scolds Nishi for not doing his task properly. Surekha calls Ishaan and informs him that Savi is not at home. Ishaan calls Savi, but boss doesn’t let her pick call and keeps her phone till her shift ends.

Precap: Ishaan tells Surekha that he tried to contact Savi, but could. Surekha scolds her. Savi returns home and says she returned before 7 p.m. Surekha says she did a favor on them and tells Ishaan that she will not attend his reception now.

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