Harshad Chopda, Shakti Arora, Dheeraj Dhoopar Speak About Media Speculating Their Private Life!

The assumption that the private lives of public figures are also public is often made hastily. This topic was recently discussed at a roundtable with television actors hosted by Bombay Times. Harshad Chopda, who frequently finds himself linked with his co-stars, expressed, “My professional life begins the moment I step outside my home. I have to conduct myself in a certain manner and I am accountable for my actions. I have the responsibility to set a good example, or at least not to teach anyone anything wrong… The only thing that can annoy me is language, the way it’s written. But now I’m used to it. It doesn’t matter anymore what anyone writes. If you’re famous, people will write about you.”

Echoing Harshad’s sentiments, Dheeraj added, “I believe that’s the concept, how you perceive it and what’s the perception about the entire news and article about you, how one handles it. Sometimes, you want to be transparent about the things you want to share with the world, your feelings and what exactly happened, what’s the news? But there are a few things you need to be cautious about.”

Actress Nehha Pendse, who has experienced speculation about her personal life, whether it was her departure from the popular TV show ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain’ or her decision to marry Shardul Bayas, shared, “I am a very private and introverted person, and that reflects in the kind of relationship I have with journalists. I only speak up when something really out of context is said about me. Also, I will converse with a journalist with whom I share a comfort zone. So, I believe identifying such relationships in media is very important for maintaining privacy.”

Shakti Arora, another panel member, chimed in, “I never let any private matter slip out of my control. Just like a government employee, I too am working. Even a government employee doesn’t want his life to go public. I prefer to maintain a sense of mystery about myself. That’s the reason why I’m not suitable for Bigg Boss or any reality show because I’m a very private person. I like to keep things private.”

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