Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudra’s Forced Marriage to Vaijayanti

Beena maasi asks Preesha if she has any dear ones. She says Roohi is her only dear one and now she has Beena maasi, remembering her parents and Rudra’s family. Vyjayanti feels disheartened that she tried her best to keep Preesha’s family happy, but is failing. She goes into flashback where Saransh insists to stay with Rudra, but Vasu insists him to stay with her. Rudra visits them, and Saransh says he wants to stay with him. Rudra requests Vasu to send Saransh with him. Vasu says she will not let her grandson to become like him, so she will not send Saransh with him. Rudra says he will give his son Preesha’s morales and warns she cannot snatch Saransh from him as he legally adopted Saransh. Vasu says she has filed a custody case in court and will prove how characterless he is having multiple marriages and murder charges, he cannot claim Saransh’s custody as he is single now.

He fills devimaa’s sindhoor in Vyjayanti’s hairline and says she is his wife now and Vasu forced him to take this decision. Vasu says she doesn’t consdier this marriage. He says Vyjayanti accepted this marriage as she is not opposing him, Vasu trusts Vyjayanti’s upbringing and hence Vyjayanti will upbring Saransh from hereon. He gives sindhoor box to Vyjayanti and holding her and Saransh’s hand walks away from there and returns home where he tells Vyjayanti that she has to act as his wife for 3-4 months till he gets Saransh’s custody and then is free to go as he doesn’t consider as his wife. Vyjayanti says she knows she cannot expect him to love her like he loves Preesha as he loves only Preesha, so she will be only Saransh’s mother and will take care of him. Rudra rudely walks away asking her to stay wherever she wants to in this room and walks away. Out of flashback, Vyjayanti continues crying.

Bunty walks to inebriated Rudra and informs him that he has booked a concert for him in Rothak for thrice than his normal remuneration. Rudra agrees and says let us leave for Rothak tomorrow morning. In Rothak, Roohi practices sitar when her friend informs that mukhiya/village head has invited rock star Rudraksh Khurana for a concert on his son’s birthday. Roohi says she is not interested in rock music. Friend insists, and she agrees. Preesha then serves her her favorite idlis. She enjoys it from Preesha’s hands and informs that she is attending rockstar Rudra’s concert tomorrow. Preesha remembers her past with Rudra. On the other side, Sharda tells Rudra that he should go for Rothak concert for sure as she read his zodiac sign in news paper and it says something good will happen in his life tomorrow. He says nothing good will happen.

Preesha thinks she cannot let Roohi meet Rudra and denies permission to Roohi. Roohi says she promised her friend Saachi and reminds her teaching of never breaking promise. Preesha says sometimes they need to break promise for good and apologizes her, thinks she cannot let her come in front of Rudra and find out that she is his daughter. Roohi thinks why is mamma reacting like this. Next morning, Vyjayanti makes arrangements for Rudra’s travel and packs his clothes and snacks with servant’s help. Sharda sees her touching Rudra’s shoes and asks her not to do that. Saransh says this will not help her. Sharda insists her to accompany Rudra to Rothak as she never attended his concert. Vyjayanti agrees. Preesha thinks pampers Roohi and thinks she cannot let her attend concert at any cost.

Precap: Beena maasi informs Preesha that vilagers are excited to meet some singer Rudraksh Khurana. Rudra senses Preesha’s presence. Preesha decides to attend concert.

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