Bhagya Lakshmi 29th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayush giving icecream to Rishi. Rishi thanks him from his heart. Ayush asks heart is gone. He ask Rishi if he is missing Rohan. Rishi says yes, he was never far from him. Ayush says many kids have come from village. Rishi tells that the girl Paro also came here. He says he made her eat golgappa. He says there is something in her which is strange, which reminds me of Lakshmi. Ayush asks if Lakshmi Bhabhi? Rishi says whenever we talk, I notice something and it reminds me of Lakshmi. Ayush asks did you meet Lakshmi teacher? Rishi says no and tells that she had come to take Rohan’s bag, but I couldn’t meet her. He says don’t know when I can meet her. Later in night, Lakshmi and Rohan are sleeping and she gets the nightmare in which she sees riots happening and she is running holding two babies in her hand and falls down. One of her baby falls far and the scooterist is about to ram scooter on the baby. She wakes up scared.

Rohan calls Rishi and says good morning Dad. Rishi says good morning and asks how is he? Rohan says I slept in your room. Rohan says yesterday I slept in Lakshmi teacher’s house and I am still here, but Principal said that he shall be in the school. Rishi says you had gone to school and not to anyone’s house. Rohan tells Rishi if he had not come here then he wouldn’t have been lucky and tells that he got what he didn’t get until now. Rishi asks what? Rohan says he got his Mamma. Rishi is shocked.

Lakshmi is cleaning the lawn. Shalu asks her to tie the cloth on her nose to get saved from dust. She asks what happened. Lakshmi tells that she got that nightmare. Shalu says that was your reality and you have accepted it. She says this is your reality. Rohan tells that she made him slept on her lap and says he slept on teacher’s lap last night and says she is like a mother. He says I will make you talk to her. He runs to Lakshmi and hugs her. He asks her to talk to his Papa. Lakshmi keeps dupatta on her nose and mouth and says hello. Rishi hears her voice and says hello. Lakshmi couldn’t hear him and tells Rohan that she can’t hear him and that’s why she will talk to him later. Rohan goes from there.

Rishi comes out of the room. Neelam asks him if he slept in Rohan’s room. Rishi says yes. Neelam asks him to go and bring him back home. Rishi says it is a matter of few days and Rohan will be back. He says Lakshmi will take care of him. Paro, Pinky and Jeetu are going to the computer lab with the tuitor. He stops to drink water. A boy collides with Paro. Rishi tells that he means to say Lakshmi teacher. Neelam expresses her hatred for Lakshmi and tells that Lakshmi had two avatar and this Lakshmi has also two avatar, which I saw. She asks him to be careful and says may be a storm will come in your life again due to this Lakshmi like last time. The tuitor/Sir asks the boy Siddharth, where is he going? Siddharth says he is feeling vomiting sensation and that’s why going. Paro says bathroom is on that side. Siddharth goes. Pari tells Sir that there was something in his hand. Sir says must be medicine and asks them to come.

Karishma asks her husband not to do any mistake to ruin her name, and says you have drown all your business. She praises Rishi for involving him in his business.

Lakshmi asks the Boy, why he got punishment? The boy says he didn’t do homework for the second time and that’s why teacher gave him punishment. Lakshmi explains to him that the punishment makes the person better and he shall learn from his mistake and not to repeat it. Rohan comes there and falls down. Lakshmi helps him get up and says she will take him to his class. The boy gets jealous. Siddharth runs behind Paro. Paro goes to the Principal and tells her about Siddharth smoking cigarette. Siddharth asks Peon about Paro. Peon says she is Rishi Oberoi’s relative and they are together all the day. Siddharth thinks to take revenge. Rohan hugs lakshmi and says he will come to this program every year and goes to play. Lakshmi gets flashes of her son.

The Principal asks Peon to check Siddharth’s bag. Peon checks the bag and says there is nothing. Principal asks him to throw all the things from the bag. When Peon makes the things fall down, the cigarette falls down and the Principal suspends Siddharth for a month. siddharth gets angry on Paro and goes. Principal appreciates Paro and tells that her mother will feel proud of her.

The kids think to trouble Rohan. Rohan comes and insists to play with them. The boys make fun of him and says if he could bring the kite then they will make him as their captain. One of the boy says if you fall down or get hurt then you will blame us. Rohan says no. They ask him to get the kite hanging on the tree. Rohan climbs the tree.

Precap: Dadi asks Rishi to make her meet Paro. The girl takes Paro out on Siddharth’s sayings. Paro is in danger. Rohan falls down from the tree. Lakshmi shouts Rohan and runs. Rishi is also running.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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