Kundali Bhagya 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Sameer and Shristhi are shocked to see Prithvi holding a knife, Sameer is about to enter the room when Shristhi stops him so he asks what is she doing, Shristhi explains that Preeta is not alone right now and has her child so they must be careful, Sameer questions then who is with Rishab in the Mandap, she explains it is Sherlin when he asks what are they going to do, she explains they must be careful and use intelligence so the right person gets married with the one they are meant for, Sherlin must sit with Prithvi while Preeta jee gets married to Rishab.
Prithvi is not able to bear it so covers the face of Preeta explaining now it seems as if they both marrying with their own intent and so it is the right thing.

Shristhi exclaims she has a plan so whispers it to Sameer, he questions if this is going to work when she replies that she doesnot know anything but they must try to do it.

Sherlin is performing the rituals with Rishab jee while Shristhi and Sameer walk down the stairs, he advises her to once again think about what they have planned since it is not right, she exclaims they cannot anything else so must do it, Shristhi purposefully pours the dust in the Hawan causing a lot of smoke so everyone starts coughing, meanwhile Shristhi and Sameer manage to take Sherlin away, Rakhi seeing them wonders why are they taking Preeta from the Mandap.

Prithvi asks Preeta to calm down since they have to wait for a little while, Pandit jee asks them to perform the ritual when prithvi questions how is Preeta going to do it when her hands are tied, he asks if he can do it on her behalf so starts performing them while Preeta is yelling.

Shristhi and Sameer are taking Sherlin, Rakhi coming from behind questions why is Shristhi taking Preeta away inquiring if she doesnot want her to get married, Shristhi reveals it is Sherlin and not Preeta, Rakhi is shocked seeing her and so questions how did she manage to enter this house, Rakhi questions if she is here wearing the clothes of Preeta then where is she, Shristhi reveal she is with Prithvi, Shristhi reveals the entire situation of how she and Sameer saw Prithvi forcefully marrying Preeta in the room. Rakhi in frustration slaps Sherlin when Shristhi reveals she is glad they got the plan and then managed to create the smoke in the Hawan, Shristhi reveals this is why she si planning to free Preeta. Rakhi raises her concern when Shristhi reveals she needs a pin so they must cover her face so that Prithvi doesnot know who is inside the veil, she asks if Sameer knows what they need to do.

Prithvi is marrying Preeta meanwhile Sameer along with Shristhi and Rakhi are pulling Sherlin, she however tries her best to break free. Sameer takes out the cracker and lights it up putting it in front of the gate, the cracker creates a lot of smoke in the room which causes the Pandit and everyone to cough, Prithvi exclaims the Pandit created a lot of smoke when he suggests to open the door, Prithvi warns him to not even think of running away. Rakhi follows the Pandit and she starts removing the ropes with which Preeta is tied before picking her up and so Shristhi and Sameer manage to replace her with Sherlin. Rakhi taking Preeta outside asks her to not be worried and she removes her veil. Rakhi questions how did she get trapped when Preeta reveals when she slipped on the carpet Prithvi pulled her away.

Prithvi once again sits down questioning why did the pandit cause so much smoke to be created, he threatens the Pandit to do it carefully this time.

Pandit jee questions where is the bride so everyone including Dadi and karina start searching for Preeta, Shristhi comes down the stairs with her explaining that she felt suffocated so they went to get some fresh air. Preeta once again sits down with Rishab on the Mandap, he sees her crying so exclaims the vows would be different in this wedding, he is not going to expect anything more from her as she was always for him the wife of karan and he is just entering her life as friend who is going to give immense love to her child. Prithvi is eagerly marrying not knowing it is Sherlin under the veil.

Preeta is sitting as the rituals are progressing when she is wearing the Mangal Sutur along with the Sindoor and the Pandit jee exclaims this wedding has ended, the entire Luthra family starts clapping.

Prithvi is sitting when the Pandit jee mentions this wedding has ended, he is smiling. The police enter the room along with the entire Luthra family. Prithvi mentions h was waiting for them as he got married to Preeta, Prithvi is shocked seeing Preeta standing in front of him and so Prithvi is shocked when he lifts the veil it is Sherlin standing in front of him, Preeta asks the inspector to arrest them, he therefor arrests both Sherlin and Prithvi.
Five years have passed, Preeta is walking with the thali when she accidentally stumbles as Dadi turns, the flowers get placed on the steps of Bhagwan jee, Preeta explains she is saying this because of her love otherwise she made a mistake, Preeta leaves.

Preeta is walking when Ganesh hands her the bags, she explains he got really late for which he apologizes. Preeta enters the kitchen where Rakhi is instructing the chefs, Preeta hands her the dry fruit for the dish so Rakhi replies what is she going to do without her, Preeta questions if her sister-in-law woke up, Rakhi informs Sameer doesnot have the courage to wake her.

Preeta enters the room where Sameer is sitting, she asks him why does he not wake up his wife, she just pulls the quilt from her waking Shristhi, Preeta explains this is what is needed. Sameer informs that she snaps if he tries anything of the sort, Shristhi starts making fun of him when Dadi calls Preeta, she rushes to take the thali when Dadi advises her to distribute the Parshad to everyone.

Preeta distributes the parshad to everyone when Rakhi asks where is Rishab, Sameer informs that today was the auction of a Mahal so he had to go there but Rakhi replies if he is saying that she doesnot know anything about him but then he must not forget she is his mother, she knows the thing that is more important for Rishab is his breakfast as he doesnot have either lunch or dinner but then gets acidity so she asks Preeta to call him, explaining how he must come back as soon as possible leaving everything since she herself made the breakfast for him, Preeta explains he doesnot have her mobile right now when Rakhi suggests she should go and get it, a ball stumbles down the stairs which stuns everyone, Preeta turns to see a girl rushing down the stairs with a smile on her face.

Update Credit to: Sona

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