Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2022 Written Episode Update

In the morning Mr Malkhani asks Anjali to tell the court what happened to her that night, she explains she was going home when her car broke down, Rishab jee offered to drop her and she thought he is a really big business man so would not do anything wrong, she agreed requesting him to drop her at the farm house, but when she got out he insisted to have a cup of tea. Rishab says she is lying in the first sentence so how can they expect her to say the truth, Rishab informs the judge that he does not drink tea in the night and it is wrong,

the judge explains that everyone would be given time to prove their innocence so he asks Anjali to continue, she mentions when the maid brought tea they both were in the study room where he drank some alcohol, Rishab says she insisted that he have a drink. Judge once again asks him to not interfere, Anjali explains Rishab then tried to misbehave with her and molested her. Judge instructs her to sit back, Mr Malkhani explains they have the proof as Rishab is seen leaving the house while trying to close his buttons, he presents the video proof to the judge.

The judge sees the video where Rishab leaves, Mr Malkhani explains when Rishab thought he would not be able to succeed so he decided to turn back and leave, Rishab not being able to control himself explains he did not even touch her as he is not that kind of a person, Mr Malkhani explains the video never lies, Damini jee mentions that the story behind the video might be false. Mr Malkhani then explains he even has the photos to prove the injuries which Anjali suffered,

Mr Malkhani explains that Rishab was not like that before and had a good reputation but Rishab hates Arjun and so tried to harm Anjali who works for him, Mr Malkhani explains Preeta even offered Anjali a job. Preeta informs she did not offer her any job but instead suggested that Anjali should change the job if she is not happy with her current boss, the judge asks her to sit down as she is not in the witness box. Preeta blames Anjali for lying when the judge explains that it can be proven from the video and proofs that Rishab is guilty.

Arjun explains that Rishab is no guilty and innocent, everyone is shocked to see him when Anjali even calls him so Arjun walking to the witness box assures, he will speak the truth, he mentions they are trying to make a joke of this court as Preeta has been trying to tell the truth for a long time. The people start talking when he explains they should let him finish as neither is he so wrong,

Preeta is telling the truth that Rishab is innocent because he has never tried to harm Anjali because he is a very nice person so can never think of harming women but the only person lying is Anjali, she stands up asking what is he saying but the Judge instructs her to sit down.

Arjun assures that Anjali is lying while Rishab is innocent as he did not try to misbehave with Anjali. Arjun says Preeta was trying to prove his innocence but he has proved it, coming back to the topic he explains Anjali is lying because he had asked her to lie and she placed the camera’s there on his orders, it was all a plan which he instructed her so Rishab is innocent, he apologizes for his mistake explaining he is awake now and knows why Anjali did it all to Preeta and Rishab because she desired revenge when they had filed a restraining order against him so he does not meet Kavya when he only protect kavya in the terrorist attack. Arjun apologizes to the court; the judge explains that Arjun made a very big mistake and so Rishab is going to be released without any charges but case will be filed against Arjun and Anjali for ruining the time of the court.

The entire Luthra family hugs Rishab who has been freed, Arjun angrily walks past Preeta towards the door but he turns back to see Preeta, with immense anger filled in him. Preeta is not able to comprehend the feelings as Arjun leaves.

Arjun enters the house wondering where Anjali is when she left the court for the house, he sees her coming with a bag so asks what is she doing. Priyanka explains she did not utter even a single word ever since she came back, Dadi also explains that she did not say anything. Anjali stops Arjun from saying anything questioning why he not let her do anything, he tries to console her but she says he promised to stand beside her in each and every matter but he backed out so she cannot live here as there is no point, Anjali explains she is leaving not only this house but his life forever.

Garesh opens the door, Rakhi instructs him to bring the Thali while Rishab must stand here, Dadi mentions the rituals must be fulfilled. Karina explains even she doesnot believe in these things, but he should let the older people do it, Dadi gets angry mentioning she likes whenever Rakhi performs these rituals, Shristhi also agrees explaining they must fulfill these rituals when everything good is happening.

Rakhi asks Preeta to stand beside Rishab when she blesses them so they sit down, Sameer doesnot understand what happened at the court, Kritika mentions sometimes they must forget whatever happens but must accept the decisions. Rakhi asks what they are talking about, Sameer replies he did not understand the agenda behind Arjun.

Anjali explains that Arjun has lost the right to question him, and she feels it is time for her to leave so she is going, Arjun explains he knows her intention was pure but he always fights his own battles.

Preeta explains she also met Arjun outside the court when he was eager to get Rishab jailed but then he came to take the entire blame and even questioned Anjali due to which they both would now face the court. Rakhi explains they all are talking about Arjun and his intentions when she can reveal the reason, he did everything, Preeta is tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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