Imlie: Imlie Leaves Tripathi House !

Aditya tells Imlie that whenever Malini spoke against her, he shut Malini’s mouth and never listened to her, but why she is exaggerating the issue when he is just questioning him. She says he never trusted her and fears that she will do something big, he is questioning her truth, even she is questioned like Seeta maiya and will give agni pariksha/fire test, and she will not let her truth break over his question. He tries to speak, but she continues that he broke her trust and now she will reply him with her actions. She removes her mangalsutra, while all her supporters plead not to do that, and drops it in fire.

Meethi asks why did she burn her suhaag ki nishani/evidence. Imlie says what she did now, Adi is doing same with her heart since many days; he set a spark in her mind by questioning if she shot Malini or not. He says he just wants her to reply yes or not, but will she leave him again like always without replying him. She says she will not return this time and wipes her sindhoor while all her supporters try to stop her; she says everything is finished and nothing left now and walks towards door. Malini acts and pleads her to let her go instead.

Aparna stops Imlie and asks Adi to stop her bahu. Adi says he always supported Imlie by going against everyone as she gave him a reason for it, but today there is no reason to stop her and hence he will not stop her if she leaves. Imlie walks away while Malini rejoices and all Imlie’s supporters cry. She looks back at house once, remembers all the happy moments spent there, and then runs away.

Aparna tells Adi that house’s Laxmi is leaving house on diwali day and its a big abshagun. Pankaj tells Harish they should bring their laxmi back home, and whole family rushes out to search Imlie and plead her to return back. Imlie cries hiding behind a tree. Family fails to notice her. Imlie remembers Satyakam/SK’s words that she should leave a place where she is not trusted.

Sundar finds her. She says she will not return back. He offers her books and says he knows these are important to her than her clothes and other stuff. She asks if he will not stop her. He says he knows she will not stop and asks her to move ahead in life forgetting everything. She asks him to take care of T family. He asks her to not worry about them and take care of herself. She asks him to touch elders’ feet on her behalf. He nods yes and leaves. She looking at T family thinks they will be in her good memory always.

T family returns home shattered. Mithi asks where is Imlie. Nishant says their Imlie left them. Harish says they couldn’t bring back their house’s Laxmi. Adi runs out searching her and shouts her name. He returns home and sits crying remembering her putting mangalsutra in fire and saying she will not return this time.

UPrecap: Aparna prays devimaa that only good should happen to Imlie and she shouln’t meet wrong people. Adi asks not to allege him. She says he forced Imlie to leave their house.

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