Anupamaa : Toshu ko Pada Zordar Thappad ! Anupama Disowns Toshu

Toshu continues his allegations and says mummy/Anupama had to leave her family and house because of Anuj and he will be the reason for her destroyal. Anuj stands shocked hearing that and remembers all the recent events. Toshu continues that his mummy by renting a separate house to enjoy with Anuj proved that she is wrong, he didn’t know that his mother is so cheap and characterless.

Anu gives him a tight slap, and he falls down. She pulls him by collar and says a mother can never be wrong; she knew the pain borne by a mother when a child is born but didn’t know about the pain when a same child alleges mother; she need not explain anyone about her character as she knows who she is; a mother suffers and cries for her child, even she cried a lot for Toshu, first when he was born, next when he called her mother, and today when he alleged her and removed her motherhood out of her; she is ashamed that she gave birth to a cheap person, he is his father’s son and not hers and nobody to her from hereon; she would have killed him if someone else would have said this and orders him to get out of her house. He stands shocked. She pushes him out of her house. Kinjal tries to pull Toshu from there. Toshu alleges Anuj that a son is separating from his mother because of him, he wanted to to separate mummy from her family and enjoy with her and will pay for it.

Anuj feels guilty and says Toshu was right that everything happened because of him, he is the reason for problems in her life. He leaves Anu’s house while she tries to stop him. He walks towards Shah house thinking he has to go away from Anu’s life. Anu finally finds him, and he says same.

At Shah house, Kavya feels happy looking at property papers. Vanraj walks to Bapuji and asks till when he will be angry, he should forget all the differences on festival day and should celebrate it, whole family is sad when he is sad and happy when he is happy. Bapuji says when heart is sad, he cannot express happiness on his face. He leaves for temple with Mamaji. Baa says Bapuji is getting adamant.

Vanraj says he can bear Bapuji’s scolding but not his anger. Kinjal with Toshu returns home arguing with him and says he cannot stop her from visiting mummy’s house and neither stop mummy from meeting Anuj. Toshu insists that she has to follow his orders. Vanraj stops them and asks reason for their fight. Toshu says mummy and Anuj’s friendship.

Anuj continues to feel guilty and tells Anu that he shouldn’t have returned from US and met her in college reunion party, he will return back to US. She says he will not go anywhere as its Shah family’s misunderstanding and not his mistake. He says he needs to set things right by speaking to Shahs. She asks him to calm down. He says he needs to get back her respect and walks away. Anu panics remembering Anuj’s words and rushes towards Shah house.

Back to Shah house, Toshu informs Vanraj that Rakhi kicked him out of job and pendrive because of Anu and Anuj. Baa curses that their house shattered because of Anuj and Anu and hence they will never be in peace. Anuj enters and asks her to curse him and not Anu. Vanraj warns him to get out before he loses his control. Kinjal also pleads him to leave. Vanraj says he has 2 minutes.

Anuj pleads them to stop mudslinging Anu’s character; she loved only once and its Vanraj, she only has immense love in her heart for Shah family and especially Baa, he is amazed to see Anu loving Baa even after what she did, but she is Anupama who knows only to spread love; they can hate Anu but not stoop so low that they fall in their own eyes later; they can character assassinate him and not Anu as Anu’s heart is clear like a mirror and when he being an outsider can see it, why can’t they see it; Baa can curse him and not Anu, Vanraj can taunt and fight with him and not Anu.

He continues that its all his mistake and not Anu’s and if they continue to humiliate and character assassinate her, she will break down, so they should spare her. Vanraj shouts his 2 minutes are over; Anu is his children’s mother and hence he has right to fight with her, but Anuj doesn’t have any right to advocate Anu.

Anuj says he came here as a friend and cannot see his friend dying slowly each moment. Anu reaches Shah house. Vanraj holding his collar shouts that his love was wrong but he never hid it and not covered it with friendship. Anuj says Anu doesn’t love him. Vanraj shouts to end all this drama and accept that he loves Anu. Anuj asks to stop alleging Anu. Vanraj says fire is on both side, they both love each other and hence he should accept that he loves Anu. Anuj accepts that he loves Anu. Anu stands shocked hearing that.

Precap: Anuj warns Vanraj that if Vanraj has adamancy, he has junoon/madness and hence his madness will break down his adamancy. He feels guilty for expressing his love for Anu in front of Shahs and thinks he will not make another mistake to hide his first mistake. Anu returns to her house shattered, and someone walks to her. Goons beat Anuj.

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