Sherdil Shergill 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Raj coming to Bhairav. Choti asks Manmeet how did you let Raj come out. Raj asks Choti to shut up. Bhairav asks what do you want from us. Raj asks what do you know about skycity incident. Bhairav says some outsider has done that. Raj says or any family person. He sees Murari. Murari asks what are you saying and why. Raj confronts him. Murari asks Manmeet to stay out of their family matter. Raj asks her to pass the phone. He shows the pic and shows them.

He says this pic is taken from sky city cctv camera, Murari was there, what was he doing here. He says Murari forgot about the cctv cameras installed in skycity, if you remembered that, then you would have not got caught so easily, what were you doing there. He asks everyone to see. He says Murari was giving explosives to the goons, that was used to blast the slab, right.

He says this happened on Bhairav’s order, Murari is like your shadow, you would know this, it means this happened on your saying, tell me, we don’t want police to come here and ask you. Murari lies to them. Raj asks do you think I m a fool, its cctv camera pic, it has time and date.

He asks Murari to say. Badi scolds Raj for blaming dad and Murari. Choti says Manmeet is so clever, she is blaming our family. Murari says Raj is insulting us because of her. Raj gets angry. Manmeet stops Raj. She asks him to calm down. Raj says you fell in my eyes today, dad. Bhairav gets angry. Nirali asks Bhairav not to beat Raj, he is already injured. Bhairav beats up Murari.

Badi asks him to forgive Murari. Manmeet asks Bhairav to stop. Raj says I have asked, then I will get the answer. Bhairav gives the stick to Raj and says beat me as much as you want, I have made a mistake. He starts acting and scolds Murari. Bhairav says I have cried a lot after coming home, I have told such bad things to you, I apologize to you. Nirali asks why will you apologize. Choti taunts Manmeet. Bhairav slaps Murari. He asks her to shut up. He asks Murari to apologize to Manmeet. Manmeet says its your family matter, I have no right to decide, so please. Police comes with Ajeet and Hussain.

Inspector questions Murari. Murari says I had blasted the slab just to break Manmeet’s ego, but I m not involved in her kidnapping. Badi says someone is framing her. Bhairav consoles her. Murari gets arrested.


Hussain says press has come, just clear Manmeet’s name, it will be good. Ajeet asks Manmeet to come home. Puneet sees the news. She calls Gunjan and asks her to watch the news on tv once. Bhairav clears Manmeet’s name. Gunjan smiles. Her inlaws also see the news. Reporter says Manmeet has got her name and fame back. Gunjan’s inlaws say you can call your parents home on dinner, such little things happen in families. Gunjan goes smiling.

Ajeet asks Puneet to take Anmol inside. He says pack your bags, we will leave this city and go home to Shimla. Manmeet asks why, everything is fine now. Ajeet says Bhairav is still free, he sacrificed Murari, he is clever. She says Murari confessed that he did this. He asks really, I thought you are smarter than me, wow. Ajeet argues with her and says I don’t want Raj around you. He goes. Raj talks to Deepu. He says I feel bad as Murari is your dad, he got arrested today. Deepu says you care a lot for me, more than dad. Puneet calls Raj and asks how is he. He says I m okay, why did Manmeet get angry when I proposed her. Puneet says she thought you have no place for Anmol in your life. He says I know my mistake, I promise you, I will make everything fine. She smiles.

Bhairav gets a call. He asks the man what’s the result. Doctor says we couldn’t get the results by the sample, if you can send the sample again. Bhairav asks is Manmeet’s child of Raj, tell me. The man says maybe 50%. Bhairav says it means no, its good news. Nirali says Raj is missing, look here, I m afraid that he went to Manmeet. Raj meets Manmeet and asks her parents to stay back. He gets on knees and proposes Manmeet for marriage.

Bhairav says its good news, Manmeet’s child has no relation with Raj, Raj will marry someone after some days, then we will have our grandson. Raj gives a gift to Manmeet. He says you are different, special, so I got this to make the proposal special. She smiles seeing the papers. He says it’s a promise, I want to marry you and become your husband, and also Anmol’s dad. Puneet happily smiles.

Raj says so Manmeet… Manmeet cries and says I don’t need this proof. She gets on knees and proposes Raj for marriage. They smile with tears in eyes. Raj says wait, where is Anmol. Manmeet says he is sleeping, why. He says I will ask him, if I shall become his real dad. She says he would say yes, I will marry you. Ajeet and Puneet leave. Raj and Manmeet hug and smile. Raj asks what will you call me now. She says Jaan. He says its next level for me, I will call you, Aji sunti ho. She says fine, I will be okay with it if you listen to me. He asks for sweets. She says we all are on diet. He says who is talking about those sweets, I m talking about sweets. He signs her asking for a kiss. She looks at him.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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