Vivian D’Sena Opens up About His Personal & Professional Life !

Vivian Dsena, the actor from Sirf Tum, is currently enjoying a blissful period in his personal life. He tied the knot for the second time with Nouran Aly, an ex-journalist from Egypt, in 2022. The couple welcomed their daughter, Layan, in November of the same year.

Reflecting on this new chapter in his life, he shares, “I have to confess that Layan has brought about significant changes in me, making me more mature. I now ponder deeply before making any decisions or uttering any words. I’ve become more serene and composed. I cherish the moments I spend with her, and one of our beloved pastimes is going for drives. I often lull her to sleep with my singing. Despite being aware of my lack of musical talent, she manages to fall asleep. I suppose it’s the affection and warmth in my voice that she finds soothing, rather than the melody (laughs!).”

Rumors are circulating that he spends the majority of his time in Bahrain, where his wife and daughter reside, and as a result, he is often unavailable for new projects. He clarifies, “I haven’t amassed enough wealth to settle overseas yet. I’ve donated a substantial portion of my earnings. While my family resides in Bahrain, I am very much present in Mumbai and open to work opportunities. Naturally, I miss them, but I have responsibilities. There are no plans to relocate them here permanently. We plan to continue visiting each other. At the moment, I am on the lookout for the right project, whether it’s on TV or OTT.”

Credit: Times Now India

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