Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhi – Akshara Decide to Get Married !

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Abhi was going to Delhi, but Kanha ji sent him back, he wants to unite you three. Surekha says Akshu, what shall I say now, just think for Abhir, if you think your and Abhi’s union will keep Abhir happy then think about this relation. Akshu goes. Manish says she is going to take a big decision of life, let her go. Abhir asks if she doesn’t agree to marry Abhi then… Akshu sees Abhinav’s pic. She sees Abhi’s contact in her phone. Abhi is on call. He thanks the inspector.

He says Prashant shouldn’t get severe punishment, counselling is a must. He ends call and says if anything happened to Akshu or Abhir? He prays. He gets Akshu’s call. He says why is she calling late night, is everything fine. She says I want to talk to you. He asks are you fine and Abhir? She says we are fine. He asks for Manish and Dadi. She says everyone is fine, shall I say now. He says yes, sorry. She asks can you meet me tomorrow morning.

He says I will come, tell me what’s the matter. She says all is well, sleep well. He worries and says does she want to take Abhir and go to Kasauli, I made a mistake to tell my feelings. Its morning, Abhi is at some park. Abhi says why didn’t she come till now, she is late. Akshu comes. Mahima is on call. She asks what, how is that possible. She says police is saying they have no evidence against Parth, so they can’t file any case. The youngsters play songs on the speaker.

Abhi asks Akshu to say. Akshu recalls her life’s moments. They get disturbed by the loud music. Abhi says louder, I can’t hear it. Akshu shouts I was saying we should get married. Everyone turns to look at them. Abhi’s heartbeat gets faster. They all clap and say congrats, invite us in your marriage, have these paper roses from outside, what a cute couple.. They go.

Aarohi says Parth’s mistake is seen in the footage. Mahima says the footage is deleted, the blame is on the vendor. Manjiri says vendor also did wrong. Mahima asks what about Parth, he is also wrong, he has put many lives in danger, he should get punished. Anand says right. Mahima says I don’t know where is Parth, my upbringing has gone wrong. Manjiri says he is responsible for his deeds. Mahima asks what shall I tell Shivu. Aarohi says tell him the truth, it will be tough to tell him later. Shefali says I know, you wanted Parth and me to unite, its impossible now. Akshu asks shall we sit and talk. Abhi says yes. They sit.

He asks what did you say. She says I said we should get married. He asks why suddenly. She says its not sudden. He says you might be under family pressure, you can’t decide this because of my feelings. She says your feelings is also a reason, the biggest reason is Abhir’s happiness, I had a family, but not my parents, I know that pain, I don’t want Abhir to get it, I want him to get mum and dad’s love, I don’t know how will we have a relation as husband and wife, I can’t guarantee it, but I can try, time will be needed.

He says I know you love Abhinav, I can’t take his place, don’t move on with any guilt, I didn’t see a person like him in my life, we won’t get a person like him again. She says me too. He asks are you sure about the marriage. She says yes and you… He says I have made many mistakes, I want to rectify it, it’s the biggest decision of our lives. Ye na socho….plays… They leave.

Akshu comes home. She makes a drawing of a house. She says this is your docman. He asks did he come home. She says no, we three are staying together. He asks why. She says docman and I agreed to you. He hugs and thanks her. He says I love it. She kisses him. Abhi gets sweets. Manjiri says its my fav barfi, why did you get it, I will keep the chadava, I eat it when my prayer gets answered. He says then eat it, your prayer got answered. She asks are you talking about your marriage. He says Akshu and my marriage. She smiles and blesses him. They hug. She prays. He thinks I m marrying, I hope Akshu isn’t making a compromise, its my responsibility to keep Akshu and Abhir happy.

Birlas come to Goenka house. They all get happy and hug. Khili hai khushiyon… plays… Manjiri blesses Akshu. Manish blesses Abhi. Kairav sees Muskaan standing behind. He asks Aarohi is she from groom or bride’s side. She says groom’s side, you will treat me well. Abhi asks Ruhi what will she call Akshu. Abhir comes and shouts Dadda. He runs and hugs Abhi. He says I m calling you Dadda from my heart. Abhi says say again. They hug.

Everyone sings and dances. Abhi and Akshu discuss to keep a simple marriage. Anand says it will be a grand marriage. Dadi says Abhi wants to give you every happiness, will you also try to give him every happiness?


Update Credit to: Amena

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