Anupamaa: Adhya’s Panic Attacks ; Anuj in Search of Answers !

Anupamaa felt overwhelmed with sadness and disappointment as she watched Paritosh, her own son, walk past her without even acknowledging her presence. Being separated from her family for such a long time, she couldn’t hold back her tears as she reminisced about them. Meanwhile, at the Shah house, Tapish bravely came to Baa’s rescue but ended up being injured when a bike ran over his leg. Vanraj was filled with shock as he found Tapish lying unconscious and had no choice but to bring him home and call for medical help. However, Vanraj took precautions to ensure that Tapish and Dimple were kept apart from each other.

In the upcoming episode, Vanraj is in for a surprise when he receives a call from Paritosh after five long years. Paritosh informs Vanraj that he spotted Anupamaa, but advises him not to reveal anything about him if Anupamaa happens to contact him.

Meanwhile, Anuj attempts to visit the Spice and Chutney restaurant again in hopes of meeting Joshi Ben, but his efforts are in vain. Nonetheless, he is plagued by a looming question that is connected to Adhya experiencing frequent panic attacks. Anuj decides to inquire with Adhya if she happened to see Anupamaa during her time in the USA.

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