Anupamaa : Anupama Warns Toshu !

Toshu tells Yashdeep that he shouldn’t pick and drop the employees like IT company as my company is a complete woman and can do anything, and his son and daughter in law will take care of her. yashdeep says if you have done what you had said then your Mummy would have liked it. Toshu says you are my Mummy’s boss and not mine. Anupama apologizes to Yashdeep and asks him to go. Yashdeep asks are you sure? Anupama says yes. Yashdeep goes. Anupama scolds Toshu and asks him not to say such things again. Toshu says he don’t want her boss to come here. Anupama asks him not to interfere in her matters and think of his wife and daughter. She says your goon friends have come and told that if you don’t pay money in 7 days then they have threatened to shoot. Toshu says he has taken out the solution, and tells that he got a job in Anuj’s company, he will earn money and give to them. He comes inside. Pari is tensed. Toshu tells Pari that the goons will not come again, and he will pay them money as his job is set. He says they will buy a big car and house.

Dimpy is crying in the dance academy thinking about Ansh’s misbehavior. Titu comes there and says Kavya told me everything. He says lets relieve the pain with dance.

Anupama hears Kinjal and Toshu have an argument and goes to their room. She says Pari’s sleep is getting disturbed, and I couldn’t sleep. She says I come here for my grand daughter and says I come here to help you both and not to become a joke or to see the drama. She says already so much happened today, first those goons, then Aadhya going missing and then the confrontation with her, and then Toshu’s misbehavior with my boss. She says she has to work all day, and says if this thing goes on, then I will not come to meet you both and will not see your faces also, then don’t say that Mummy has become American. She asks shall I go to sleep or leave from here. Kinjal says sorry and says you will not have any disturbance now.

Titu starts dancing on the song main parinda kyun banu. He holds dimpy’s hand to dance. Dimpy dances. Titu stops dancing and goes. Dimpy thinks of Anupama’s words and says even I will not accept defeat.

Anupama feeds gajar ka halwa to Pari. Pari asks Kinjal why she doesn’t make such things and gives her cornflakes to eat. Anupama says if you eat this daily then you will ask for corn flakes. Pari asks her to pick and drop her to school. Anupama says she can’t pick her, but Kinjal will come and pick her. She says she will drop her to school. Pari hugs her. Anupama tells Kinjal that she has made food for them and asks them to just heat it and eat. Toshu comes there and says good morning ladies.

Anuj comes to the kitchen and sees Shruti applying butter to the bread. Shruti says she couldn’t sleep and says he is looking funny in specs. Anuj says he was wearing lenses since 5 years, and today he wore it. She says she heard that he gave a job to Anupama’s son, says it is a good way to connect with Anupama and then says sorry. Anuj says this is the problem of good people, they say sorry even though it is not their mistake. Aadhya calls Shruti.

Toshu asks Anupama to bless him and touches her feet. Anupama bless him. He says he will take loan from company and will pay the debt. Anupama says runaway shall be cleared for the flight to take off, and asks him not to take the loan from company. She says Anuj is still good and haven’t changed. He respects the broken relations also, and you haven’t changed either. She asks him to do work nicely.

Precap: Anuj asks Anupama and Yashdeep to keep their stall in the event. Aadhya informs Anuj that Shruti’s parents are coming to fix the marriage date. Anuj is shocked.

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