Bhagya Lakshmi 25th February 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Neelam scolding Paro and asking her to walk properly. She asks who asked you to do this? Paro says I didn’t make it fall out of bag. She asks what is it? Neelam says it is broccoli and tells that she has brought it so that common people can have it. Paro asks if I can have it. Neelam says not like this, and says when it gets cooked, you can eat and if you want some to your home. She asks her to go. Paro says I was doing Seva/service.

Neelam says I brought it for seva. Paro says you didn’t make it, lift it, share it etc. Neelam says I have bought it. Paro asks if buying something is for seva. Neelam says it is bought for a purpose. Paro says if working here is not Seva. Neelam says it is also seva. Paro asks her to do seva. She says Maa teaches that everyone is same here, and come here to take God’s prasad and blessings. She says Maa teaches me to think good of others. Neelam asks if your mother didn’t teach you to respect elders.

Paro says she taught me this and asks her to give her blessings. She touches her feet. Neelam is about to keep her hand on her head and takes back her hand. She praises her mother to be good. The guys standing there praises Paro’s mother’s teachings. The other guy says that she said right and tells sometimes elders shall learn from kids what is called seva. He says that in Gurudwara, there is nobody poor or rich. He says you are lucky to get a mother who taught you this. Paro says I am lucky to have such a good mother. Neelam feels offended and goes from there. Anushka helps Lakshmi as she is about to fall, while holding the plates, and asks her to have something.

She comes to the car. Neelam is angry and asks her to sit. Anushka sits in the car. Lakshmi reaches school and insists to meet trustee of the school. Peon tells Inspector that Lakshmi teacher came. Shalu calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she reached just now as bus was not working. Shalu asks her to take care. Peon calls her and says trustee wants to meet you. Lakshmi goes to meet him. Trustee greets her and says you said that bus was not working. Lakshmi says till it was repaired, we had gone to Gurudwara. The trustee calls Rishi, who says that he is in meeting after asking about Lakshmi teacher and ends the call. He tells that she has made the nice program and the students will benefit. Lakshmi asks him to show the arrangements. He asks her to come. Lakshmi comes home angrily and thinks of Paro’s words.

The boys Jeet, Kamal and Pankaj talk to Rohan and one of them stick a paper on his back. The trustee asks Lakshmi, how is the arrangements. Lakshmi says really nice, and tells that I am impressed with your thought, you think about kids so much. He says I will take you to the place where the kids will stay. Lakshmi asks him to send peon. They come out and sees Paro acting as Rani Lakshmi Bai. Teacher tells the kids that Paro and others will stay in their school. The trustee praises Paro’s values. Lakshmi says now I have to go. The trustee tells that Mr. Oberoi wanted to meet you. Lakshmi says even I want to meet and thank him for funding our school. She tells Paro that she will leave now. Paro says I miss you Maa. Lakshmi says I will miss you too. She is about to go. Paro hugs her. Lakshmi asks her to take care of Jeet and Pinky. She keeps her head on her head. Paro cries. The trustee as the staff member to take the kids. He says you shall stay back. Lakshmi sees Shalu’s message and says I have to take Rohan’s school bag from his house. Trustee says it is nice meeting you.

The kids laugh at Rohan and says you are donkey, it is written on your back. Rohan asks who did this. The kids say we did it. Rohan punches one of the boy. The other boys hold him to beat him, when Principal comes there and scolds the kids, and asks Rohan to tell her if anyone troubles him. The trustee calls Rishi and says I met teacher, her bus had stopped so she took the kids to the Gurudwara. He says she is a gem kind of person, I was just looking at her, she is different. Rishi asks if she is there? The trustee says she has left from here, but will go to your house to take Rohan’s school bag. Rishi looks on.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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