Barrister Babu 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bondita getting a call. The lady says a registered parcel has come for Batuk, it maybe really imp. Bondita says he stays in Italy, its fine, we will come and take the parcel. Mallika hears her. Bondita says registered post has come for Batuk. Batuk sees Trilochan. He asks how is that possible, he doesn’t stay here with us. Trilochan says this never happened before. Bondita asks why not, this is his real house, we will go and get the parcel. Trilochan says I will go and get it. Batuk says perfect. She says someone else is worried here, so spoon is falling off the hand. She sees Batuk. She goes to bring hot luchis. Batuk asks how is this possible. Mallika says Lord saved you, that just a phone call came, your photo id would be there in the registry. Batuk asks how do you know. She says I think your broker has sent it, or maybe its from university, think how will you stop Bondita. He says I will do something. Bondita recalls Batuk’s words. Mallika comes. She says you can write a letter to your mum and call her here, it will be better. Bondita says right, I will write it now. Mallika says you can go and post it, get Batuk’s post also, Trilochan will be busy. Bondita says you are right, thanks. Batuk asks Bihari to iron his jacket fast. Bihari goes. Mallika looks on. She follows Bondita. Bondita comes to the post office. She gives her letter for Sumati. She asks for Batuk’s parcel. She says I m his Baudi, Bondita. Mallika sees Batuk coming there. She asks the tea vendor to drop tea on him. She pays him. The man spills the tea on Batuk’s jacket and says sorry. Batuk goes back. Mallika says take the parcel fast Bondita. The man says you have to show id proof to take this parcel. Bondita says I don’t have it, Batuk lives in Italy. He says we can’t give this to you. She leaves.

Batuk comes there and asks for the parcel. The man asks for his id. Batuk says I m myself, why do I need my id. Bondita says I forgot my bag. Batuk shows his id. He sees Bondita’s bag there. He looks around. The man asks him to sign. Batuk signs and goes with the parcel. Bondita comes and takes the bag. The man says take this receipt, Batuk just took his parcel. She asks what, Batuk… where did he go. The man says that way. She thanks him and goes. Bondita sees Batuk going. She takes a rickshaw. She leaves. Someone comes in front. The driver and the cart fall. Bondita also falls down. Batuk and Mallika see her. Batuk removes the jacket. He runs to see Bondita. She faints. He lifts and takes her home. Mallika looks on. Doctor checks Bondita. He says the baby is safe, don’t worry, she pulled the rickshaw seat at the time of her fall.

Batuk says thank God, we will call you if there is any problem. Doctor says sure and goes. Bondita says baby and I are fine, calm down, I don’t find something right, Batuk is here, he came to the post office to get the parcel. Batuk says you are taking my name to hide your mistake, don’t take my brother’s name. She says I went to post letter to mum, I thought to get his parcel also. He scolds her. He asks by whose permission did you go. She says being pregnant isn’t any illness. She argues. She says it was just an accident. Trilochan nods. She says none can protect a baby more than a mum, but I can’t forget who I m, I went out for some work, I will go again if needed. Batuk gets angry. She says you don’t care for Batuk, but your ego. He says I m thinking about the baby. She says I feel you know Batuk is here, tell me. Batuk asks Mallika why did she come here. Bondita says I have called her. Trilochan asks why. She says I have to talk to her. Batuk asks what is it. Bondita asks do you know Batuk is here, he came to the post office to collect his parcel, tell me. Batuk looks at Mallika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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