Barrister Babu 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mallika lying to Bondita. Trilochan asks Bondita to take rest. Batuk asks Mallika to go. He asks Bondita to take care of herself and their baby. Its night, Batuk imagines Anirudh and laughs. He says I m very happy, you are back, now I don’t need to hide anything, we will go and tell her, but first hug me. Anirudh disappears. Batuk cries. He says I can’t hug you, my nephew will be coming, your son, I will always keep him close to my heart, I will snatch your baby from Bondita, I will throw her out of this house. He laughs. He goes to Trilochan. He says you and Anirudh gave much love to an ordinary girl, she was useless, she was going to get Sati, Anirudh made that stone a diamond, she didn’t do anything in return.

Trilochan say she did a lot for Anirudh and us, she saved Anirudh from the death sentence. Batuk says don’t get mistaken, she wanted to prove a point that a female barrister can also do anything, she is a selfish girl, she just thinks of herself, how she will look, she doesn’t love and respect you all, she doesn’t see us. Trilochan says no, she loved Anirudh a lot. Batuk says you and I know that Anirudh is no more, but I m Anirudh for her, she could have obeyed me, Anirudh told her not to go out and leave the barristry practice, did she listen, no, she just had to post a letter, did she tell us, she wanted to prove that she can do anything, that woman power thing, she should obey our orders.

Its morning, Bondita says driver didn’t come till now. She asks Bihari to get the car keys, she will drive and go, else she will go by rickshaw or by walk. Bihari says please stop. He makes a black line on the ground. Trilochan comes and says its Laxman rekha, you aren’t permitted to cross it. Bihari says sorry and goes. Bondita says I m going to find about Batuk, please let me go, I will take care. He says I want to take care of you and the baby, so I decided this, until the baby is born, you can’t go out. She says but its wrong. He says enough, its my last decision, if you don’t respect it, then I will end my relations with you and leave this house. He goes. She cries and goes. Batuk comes and laughs. Mallika looks on.

Batuk gets food and medicines for Bondita. He goes and plays the mouth organ. She comes to the study and thinks to talk to him by the coconut shell. He holds it. She talks like before. He goes. She recalls their old moment. She hides under the table and knocks. Batuk stops. She talks from there. He makes a face. She says I feel a small mistake can end our relation forever. He goes. She looks for him. She goes and prays in the temple. She says Anirudh has shown me the sky, if he wants me to sit at home, its fine, but what about my promise to him that I will fight against injustice. She plays the shank. Anirudh is seen somewhere. He says Bondita…. The old thank sees him conscious and thanks Durga mata. He says make him fine soon. Anirudh says Bondita. Rishta tera mera…. plays…


Update Credit to: Amena

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