Imlie : Aditya Dead !!

Aditya reaches Aatank’s said venue with money. Aatank asks him to wait there. Aditya says its his place and his people, so he should take money and release the captives. Aatank asks him to have patience until he counts each note. Chandlal walks in and acts that Aatank fixed earpiece bomb even in his ears and sent him to bring money. Aditya hands him over money bag. Police force reaches outside the venue.

Chandlal tries to walk out smirking when Imlie runs in and clashes with him. His earpiece falls down. Aditya is surprised to see Imlie there and notices earpiece fake. Chandlal says he doesn’t know to different between right and wrong and accepts that he is Aatank. Aditya is shocked to hear that. Imlie delivers heavy dialogues. Chandlal warns her not to act oversmart as her mother and grandmother are still his captives. Aditya reacts next. Chandlal presses remote button, and Aditya writhes in pain. Imlie diverts his attention and throws money back on his hand. Remote falls down from his hand. Imlie runs towards remote. Chandlal shoots her hand and she falls down. Chandlal picks remote back and points gun at Imlie.

Aryan with police force enters and warns Chandlal that he will rotten in jail now. Chandlal says nobody can capture Aatank and threatens to shoot Imlie. Aryan warns him that he doesn’t have any enmity with Imlie and Aditya, so he should take money bag and spare them.

Chandlal says they have seen his face, so Imlie will accompany him. Imlie throws money bag on him dropping his gun and points a knife on his neck and warns to defuse a bomb in Aditya’s ears or else she will kill him. He does. Aditya throws earpiece bomb away. Aatank tries to pick gun again. Aryan kicks gun away and gives him a flying kick, throwing him far away, and then himself picks gun. He points it at Aditya. Imlie runs to protect Aditya. Aryan shoots Chandlal behind Aditya. Chandlal falls down, picks remote, and reactivates bomb. Aryan alerts Aditya to run from there. Chandlal reverse counts. Imlie runs towards Aditya to save him. Aryan stops her. Bbomb explodes. She shouts Babusaheb. One more bomb explodes behind them, and they both fall down.

Nishant gets a call and sits down senselessly in shock. Family rushes to him and asks whose phone was it. Narmada gets a call and even she falls down in shock murmuring Aaru. Nishant runs and switches on TV. They watch news where news anchor informs about bomb blast in PGD again and Aryan, Imlie, and Aditya missing. She further says rescue time found a unidentified dead body. They all stand shocked hearing that and hope nothing happened to Aditya, Imlie, and Aryan. Anu walks in and asks what happened and hearing the news even she stands shocked.

Precap: Tripathis panic hearing news anchor announcing Aditya going missing and suspecting his death.

Update Credit to: MA

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