Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh ka Toota Dil !

Bunty returns to Rudra’s hospital room. Vyjayanti asks if Rudra is found. Bunty says no. Vyjayanti asks why did Rudra take Preesha’s name and went searching her, if Preesha is really alive. Bunty denies. Vyjayanti and Sharda plead to tell truth.

Bunty accepts that Preesha is alive and thinks Preesha herself should reveal that Roohi is Rudra’s daughter. Vyjayanti and Sharda are shocked to hear that, and Sharda insists Bunty to take her to Preesha. Bunty takes them to Preesha’s house and finds it locked. They then question Beena maasi who informs that even rockstar Rudra was searching Preesha, she left Rothak and must be in bus stand. Bunty says even Rudra must be in bus stand, so they should go there.

Rudra breaks down not finding Preesha in bus stand. A Punjabi song plays in the background. He then notices Preesha sitting on a bench and walks to her. They both get emotional. Rudra asks how could she stay away from him for 5 years, she doesn’t know that he was dying each day without her. She says she is a criminal in law’s eyes, so she couldn’t return to him.

He says what about his eyes, how could she stay away from him for 5 years and didn’t return to him. She says she didn’t want to put him into trouble and stayed away, but after seeing him again couldn’t go away. He continues expressing his feelings for her and seeing Roohi asks if Roohi is his daughter as she is also 5 years old. Preesha thinks she should tell him truth that Roohi is his daughter.

Yuvraj enters and says Roohi is his daughter. Rudra asks what? Yuvraj asks if he can’t hear properly, Roohi is not Rudra’s but his and Preesha’s daughter. Rudra shouts if he has gone mad and tells Preesha they should go from there. Yuvraj warns him to stay away from Preesha. Rudra says Preesha is his wife. Yuvraj says she was once, but now she is his baby’s mother. Preesha takes him aside and warns him to stop lying. Yuvraj says he is lying to save her, Rudra, and Roohi. Rudra tries to beat him.

Preesha stops him saying its between her and Yuvraj, takes Yuvraj aside , and warns him to stop his nonsense. Yuvraj says he is telling truth; if she gets back in Rudra’s life, she will be sent back to jail and then Roohi’s life will be ruined and even Rudra’s who would be running away from law and would have to sacrifice his singing, so she should let Rudra stay away from her life. Preesha denies. He says Rudra married her sister Vaijayanti, so she shouldn’t ruin her sister’s live at least. Preesha agrees finally.


Precap: Vyjayanti tells Sharda that Preesha is Saransh’s mother and hence they should inform Saransh that his mother is alive. Sharda denies. Rudra asks Preesha to tell that Yuvraj is lying.

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