Anupamaa : Maaya’s Plot to Separate Anuj – Anupama Fails !

Maaya informs Vanraj that Anirudh wants Kavya to leave Vanraj and return to him. Leela asks Kavya what is Maaya saying. Maaya says Kavya that she didn’t want to hurt Kavya and just wanted to prove that a person hides things so that the other person doesn’t get hurt, Anuj did same and kept quiet to protect Anupama from being hurt. She asks if they all will consider Kavya also wrong like Anuj, criticize Anirudh, or curse Kavya, but before that Leela should answer her question if she doesn’t’ want Vanraj and Anupama reunite again.

Anupama looks at Leela in shock. Maaya asks Vanraj if he didn’t wish that Anupama should return to him; if her and Anirudh’s thinking is wrong, then even Vanraj and Leela’s thinking is wrong; even she and Anuj hid the matters to any issue; but Kavya couldn’t hide and created issues; she was wrong and not Anuj and hence they should question her and not Anuj, etc.

Leela asks what is the guarantee that she is not lying and together with Anuj is conspiring things and hiding their affair, god knows what must have happened during picnic. Anupama warns her to dare not speak ill about her husband and says she tolerated Leela’s nonsense for years but will not tolerate her nonsense towards her husband; anyways its their personal matter and the will solve it at their house, she will leave now.

Hasmukh offers her prasad and says already a speaker has spread poison, she shouldn’t consume it silently and should take a decision after much thought, her father will support her always. Barkha tells Anupama to leave, she and Ankush will bring Little Anu home. Kapadias leave.

Vanraj questions Kavya if she met Anirudh not regarding work but to secure her future, if she wants to become Kavya Anirdudh Gandhi from Kavya Vanraj Shah and return to Anirudh. Kavya says if she wanted to go, she would left him long ago; she doesn’t love Anirudh, though he still loves her; she didn’t inform about Maaya’s act to Vanraj because she didn’t feel its important to inform him. Vanraj says she did right by exposing Anuj’s true face to Anupama.

Pakhi tells youngsters that she didn’t know Maaya is so cheap, Anupama should have kicked her out of the house long ago. Kinjal says Anupama will take an informed decision. Ankush says now anyone will not blame Anuj as they all know its Maaya’s mistake. Dimple asks why they are blaming Maaya as loving someone is not wrong.

Kinjal says loving someone else’s husband is wrong and its like stealing someone’s stuff. Dimple says Maaya told she doesn’t intent to break Anupama’s house. Pakhi says it’s like lighting a matchstick and saying she didn’t intend to burn the house. Dimple says anyone can fall in love just like she fell in Samar’s love.

Pakhi says Samar is single but Anuj is already married and warns her to stop supporting Maaya. They argument continues. Dimple says Maay will take Little Anu away. Pakhi says let her take Little Anu away. Dimple says nobody would be happy in that house without Little Anu. Pakhi says then Anuj will have to choose between Anupama and Little Anupama.

Anupama while returning home recalls Maaya’s words and feels upset. Vanraj continues that he was tired hearing Anuj’s praises, today Anuj proved his hypocrisy and Anupama realized that her husband is a normal man and there is not difference between him and Anuj. Kavya says who told that, there is a huge difference between Anuj and Vanraj as Anuj is way better than Vanraj, she exposed Maaya to protect Anupama’s house.

Vanraj says whatever it is, Anuj and Maaya’s affair will be out soon and Kavya’s act has put Anuj and Anupama’s marriage at risk. Dimple asks why are they criticizing Maaya when she clearly told that she will not interfere between Anuj and Anupama. Kinjal asks why did Maaya try to seduce Anuj during the picnic then. Samar says Maaya was just trying to thank Anuj. Pakhi asks who kisses to thank. Adhik asks her to mind her language.

Pakhi asks Dimple to leave if she wants to support Maaya. Samar warns her to behave with Dimple. Pakhi asks if he is supporting Dimple who is speaking against Anupama. Their argument starts. Adhik stops them. Their argument continues. Pakhi tries to leave.

Adhik stops her and asks her to relax. Leela wlaks in and asks what is happening here, why is Dimple still here. Samar says she was going. Leela says he is fighting with his sister for an outsider, Dimple will break their house. She warns him to be careful and leaves.

Anupama confronts Anuj why did he hide the truth when she reveals everything to him, it hurts when he does that. She says Maaya asked him not to inform it to her, but she herself informed it to Kavyal; its wrong that he hid truth. Anuj says he will not justify himself as he knows she is hurt, he is sorry for his mistake.

He says she tolerated a pain of betrayl once, he is wrong and doesn’t want her to gave the same pain, he broke his promise to protect her. He asks if she trusts her Anuj. Anupama says more than god. Anuj hugs and pampers her. Maaya feels jealous seeing that.

Precap: Anupama says she will or any woman wouldn’t tolerate Maaya trying to grab her husband behind her. Anuj warns Maaya to leave. Maaya says she will take her daughter along as she is her biological mother and no law in the world can stop her.

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