Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Abhay telling Kiran that Lakshmi has convinced Viraj to marry Malishka. He says lets hope Malishka also agree, I tried to make her understand. Kiran says she will not agree. Abhay says then Lakshmi shall talk to her, and it is guaranteed that Malishka will agree to marry viraj. He says even Lakshmi has the belief that this pair will be good. Kiran says Lakshmi’s belief. Abhay says I told even Lakshmi believes this. Kiran thinks thank god, I didn’t tell him that Malishka agreed, as she will refuse in the end. Abhay asks if she is not happy with this alliance. She tells Abhay that Malishka loves Rishi. He says Lakshmi’s husband and says he will not come back to her. Kiran says who says this? Abhay says I say. She asks if he wants to ruin Malishka’s life as well after ruining her life and says this is the difference between Malishka and me, she gets what she wanted. He says not the difference, but similarity which you gave to your daughter. He says you have ruined your life yourself and I came out of it. He says Malishka wanted to do the same with Rishi, but thankfully Lakshmi came in his life, now he will be happy. Kiran says you are thinking bad about your daughter. He says I was about to say this to you and says when Malishka told me that she loves Rishi, then I prayed to god that this truth shall come out, so that atleast one couple is set. He says if it is of Rishi-Malishka or Rishi-Lakshmi. He says when I met Lakshmi, I felt that she is so good and prayed to god that nothing wrong shall happen to her. He says Malishka shall agree to marry Viraj. Kiran asks are you done? She says she shall wait with Viraj’s Dada ji and goes. Abhay asks God to show the right way to everyone.

Lakshmi asks Rishi, why you didn’t tell me? Malishka says it is good that you came to know everything. Rishi says sorry and says I don’t want to hide from you. Lakshmi asks what is the big deal if you hide and says I am happy that you are happy with this alliance. She tells Malishka that Rishi was upset with her, as she was happy with this alliance. She says I know what was going on here. He asks what? Lakshmi asks Malishka not to show her happiness to Rishi alone and takes her out. Viraj asks what is the news? Lakshmi asks him to ask Malishka. Viraj asks what is your reply? Malishka says you told Dadu what I said. Lakshmi asks her to tell what she was telling Rishi. Dada ji says I will get heart attack with so much suspense. Lakshmi says the news is that, Malishka is very happy with this news and agreed to marry Viraj. Dada ji hugs Abhay happily and then Viraj. He says you gave me so much happiness. Abhay hugs Malishka. Lakshmi says Malishka told herself that she is very happy with this alliance. Dada ji fixes Viraj and Malishka’s roka day after tomorrow and invites everyone. Everyone claps. Rishi is upset. Malishka stands shocked.

Rishi comes home angrily. Lakshmi thinks what happened to him and calls Sudeep. She asks if Mummy ji and Bau ji came. Sudeep says yes, and says I gave medicine as you told me. Lakshmi thanks him and asks him to sleep. Sudeep goes. Lakshmi calls Ayush. Ayush drops Shalu to her house and asks her to go. He gets Lakshmi’s call. Shalu says Lakshmi bhabhi. Ayush asks her not to become his mother. Lakshmi asks Ayush to drive carefully, as the roads are empty. Shalu takes the call and says I am going inside and asks her to rest. Lakshmi says bani. Shalu says I will hug her from her side. Ayush gets emotional hearing Lakshmi. Shalu asks shall I ask you? She asks if you are fine and says you are emotional. Ayush says I am very lucky as Lakshmi came in our house as my bhabhi. He says even my mother haven’t told me, to come home safely and says she has so much love in her. Shalu keeps finger on his forehead and says sometimes you are good, cute boy types. Ayush says sometimes even you are good girl type. He asks for thank you. Shalu asks did you say? They thank each other.

Malishka comes home angrily. Kiran tries to talk to him. Malishka thinks about Lakshmi and Rishi’s words. She calls Viraj and asks if he had slept. Viraj asks if you are fine, as you don’t ask this usually. She says I wanted to tell you, that I am ready to marry you. Viraj says I know, Lakshmi told. She says don’t take her name and says she gave this news to everyone, it was my news and happiness. Viraj says Lakshmi told that Rishi convinced you to marry. Malishka says I agreed due to Rishi. Viraj says I agreed due to Lakshmi. Malishka says she is tired and called just to inform this. He thanks her for telling him again. She ends the call.

Rishi thinks what did I do, she is very upset with me, I need to talk to her. He thinks she has blocked his number and thinks to call Kiran aunty. Malishka hears the phone ringing and checks the mobile. She rejects the call. Rishi thinks she has rejected my call and thinks Malishka might have rejected it. He thinks how to talk to Malishka. Lakshmi comes there and finds him on the bed. She thinks he is sleeping. Rishi thinks let her think that I am sleeping, I am tired of lying. Lakshmi says he didn’t take off his shoes. She sits to take off his shoes and says next time I will make you do. Rishi gets up and asks her not to take care of him. Lakshmi says I like to take care of all. He says I don’t deserve this. Lakshmi says let me decide and asks him not to come between her and her husband next time. He goes to change. Lakshmi says my husband, I can love him and take care of him. She calls him. Rishi hears her from the bathroom. Lakshmi says I love my husband very much, and thinks he didn’t hear her.

Ayush comes home and asks Sudeep to bring all the food. Sudeep says you are coming from party and asks will he eat? Ayush says yes. He thinks whom to tell and comes to Virender’s room. He thinks he has a big news and can’t get sleep if he don’t share with him. He tries to wake up Virender. Neelam wakes up and then wake up Virender. She says there is someone in my room. Virender asks who? Neelam says we shall see, who is here? He says we have security at home. Neelam says may be some thief came. Ayush thinks if Mami catches me then I won’t be let safe. He thinks Mama save me. Virender says there is nobody here. Neelam hears Ayush’s voice and says there is someone here. Virender says I didn’t hear anything. Ayush thinks you are dead. Neelam switches on the lights. Virender sees Ayush hiding behind the curtain. Neelam says curtain is moving and gives him vase to hit him. Virender says I can’t hit you. She asks him to hit the thief. Ayush asks why you want to make my Mama as Kans Mama. He asks God to save him. He thinks why Mama haven’t beaten me. Neelam asks Virender to go.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that she will change her clothes. She sees him upset and asks why is he worried. Rishi says nothing special. Lakshmi says something has happened and says your bestfriend marriage is fixed, Malishka agreed for marry due to you.

Precap: Viraj calls Rishi and asks if Malishka has an affair with someone in his family. Lakshmi says marriage is a lifetime commitment and everyone wants a good lifepartner. She finds the love band in the cupboard and questions Rishi, what is it and says you have given this to Malishka. Malishka looks at the love band and says I was foolish to throw it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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