Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Ishaan’s Firm Decision !

Savi demands to know what Kiran told Yashwant and Ishan. Ishan says Kiran told that when Savi’s sister was out of the house, Savi molested him. Savi says her BIL is lying. Shantanu says it’s wrong to accuse a girl without any proof. Ishan says it’s not him but Savi’s BIL is accusing him. Nishi say they can’t give hostel room to such a girl. Ishan says Savi wrongly accused even his family and is a hypocrite who with Isha changes her stance as per her benefit; her brother was involved in Isha’s attack, but he is roaming freely instead of being in jail. He sternly refuses to allot her hostel room. Savi says he can’t deny her a room without any proof and reveals that Kiran instead tried to molest her. Ishan asks when similar incident happened in their college a few days ago, she created a big issue, then why she is silent now. Savi says she can’t for a reason. Ishan says he can’t allot hostel until she brings proof.

Savi walks away silently weeping. Shantanu walks behind her and asks why she was silent and didn’t defend herself. Savi says if she opens up, her sister and her baby’s lives will be in trouble. Shantanu asks that is why she is silent and encourages her to fight and not spare Kiran as such people are not anyone’s relative. Savi says he is right, it’s her mistake that she kept quiet. Shantanu says he and Isha are with her. Savi leaves. Ishan walks to Shantanu and asks why did he come out. Shantanu says he wanted to talk to Savi and asks if he doesn’t think Savi is right and her BIL is wrong. Ishan says Savi is a girl who fights for everything, she is silent as she is wrong. He plays a victim card as usual and says he can see his father more bothered about Savi and not him, etc. Shantanu fails to put some sense in his brain.

Kiran brings flowers for Harini and tries to impress her. Harini asks how did he incur head injury while he was fine when she left for her friend’s wedding. Kiran twists her hand and warns her to be in her limits. Savi enters and warns him to leave her sister’s hand. Kiran warns her not to interfere between him and his wife. Savi confronts him and describes his heinous act to Harini. Harini starts crying. Kiran asks her not to believe Savi and asks if he doesn’t trust her. Harini says she doesn’t trust him as she knows how he runs behind women and continues to confront him.

Precap: Savi asks Yashwant to sign her hostel form. Kiran accuses her of trying to s*xually abuse him and asks Yashwant not to let her stay in his hostel. Yashwant asks Ishan if he wants to say something. A police officer walks in and tells Ishan that he has to talk to him first before saying anything to Savi.

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