Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin : Sai Takes Savi With Her ; Virat Determines to Fight for Savi

Sai cries emotionally hugging and asks if she still has a fever. Savi says she was missing her and had nightmares about her, why she left her alone. Virat tries to speak. Sai warns him not to interfere between her and her daughter. Chavan family walks out. Ashwini fears that Sai may reveal Savi that Virat forcefully snatched her away. Savi asks where was she. Sai says she was stuck somewhere. Savi asks her not to leave her alone and promises to obey her each order. Sai promises to never leave her alone. Vinayak asks why did not she pick his calls. Savi asks how can she live without talking to her. Sai says she was stuck between some unruly people and will never leave Savi alone again.

Sonali tells Bhavani that she is feeling happy seeing Sai here as Sai will take Savi away and end their problems. Bhavani says Virat will not let Savi go away so easily. Pakhi shows Savi’s bonding with Sai to Virat and tells him that he got whole world’s happiness to Savi to let her forget her mother, but Savi chose her mother over his worldly happiness; she is a mother and can understand Sai and Savi’s pain, he can’t snatch a child’s growth by holding her and should sacrifice his anger and let Savi go with her mother as true love demands sacrifice. Ashwini says they can separate Savi from her mother. Bhavani tells Sonali that she doesn’t believe that Savi is Virat’s daughter. Sonali says Virat believes so though. Ninad says he can’t see Savi’s pain and should reunite her to her mother. Omkar says who knows truth. Ninad says Savi is his granddaughter. Omkar asks how can he be so sure.

Police reaches to arrest Sai. Virat doesn’t let them speak and says he doesn’t need any drama in front of his child. Sai tells Savi lets go. Savi waves bye to Virat and leaves holding Sai’s hand. Chan Se Jo Tute Koi Sapna.. song plays in the background. Virat misses Savi and sadly looks at her stuff on her terrace corner. Ninad walks to him and asks if he is missing savi. Virat says Savi didn’t look at him once before leaving, he doesn’t matter to her. Ninad says Savi is a kid who doesn’t know that he is her father. Virat says Sai doesn’t have any place for him in her life, but he will not be cruel like Sai and separate her from her daughter.

Sai returns home and pampers Savi. Usha brings food for them. Savi says Ashwini fed her and Vinayak lots of idlis and she is full now, so Sai can have food. Viratg says whatever he did didn’t matter to Sai. Ninad says a child cannot stay away from his/her mother. Virat says Sai who snatched his daughter away was bought up by her father, Savi’s behavior will change once she learns that he is her father. Ninad says it won’t change as though father is important in a child’s life, a child needs a mother more than a father; even if he goes to court, law would favor & say a small girl should stay with her mother. Virat says he will not let Sai snatch his daughter away and would do anything to keep his daughter with him. He walks away while Ninad tries to stop him. Pakhi watches them silently.

Savi insists Sai to sing a lullaby and make her asleep like Virat did. Sai says she can’t sing a lullaby but can recite a story. Savi agrees and hugs her. Sonali tells Bhavani that she told Savi will stay permanently in Chavan nivas, but Savi took her away and Virat didn’t stop her. Bhavani says she is sure that Savi is not Virat’s child. Sonali says Virat will not let Savi go from his life easily and would visit Sai and Savi often, Sai will be back in Virat’s life again.

Precap: Virat forcefully barges into Sai’s house to take back Savi. Sai warns him that she will not let him take Savi away. Virat threatens to inform Savi that he is her father and locks Savi’s room door from inside.

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