Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Surekha Slaps Ishaan ; Riva Confesses Her Love to Ishaan

Yashwant, Surekha, and Nishikant frown seeing Ishan dancing on stage to Savi’s tunes. Yashwant says Ishan ruined their dignity in front of everyone. Ishan walks in. Surekha says he set the stage on fire. Ishan asks if she is really praising him. Surekha tongue lashes him for dancing on stage with a student being a director of the college. Ishan says whatever he did was for college’s sake. Yashwant and Nishi also tongue lash Ishan. Shantanu supports Ishan.

Surekha accuses Ishan of doing partiality to Savi and says he punished Durva for including a professional graffiti artist during competition, even Savi did same by including him and hence should be punished. Ishan says there is nothing between him and savi and describes how Durva troubled Savi from day 1 into the college, how she cheated in exam, cheated in competition, etc., and blames Surekha’s wrong upbringing for it.

Surekha slaps him and asks if he will question her upbringing, whatever he is today is because of her, she took care of him like her own child when his own mother disowned her. Yashwant asks her to calm down. Shantanu confronts Surekha for slapping Ishan. Surekha walks away from there followed by Yashwant and Nishi. Shantanu says she can’t go like this. Ishan says let her go, she is right that his own mother disowned him while she took care of him. Shantanu says sometimes they can’t see the atrocities of people around them. Ishan continues to support Surekha. Shantanu thinks Ishan is very innocent to understand the conspiracies.

Savi prepares food in canteen. She gets her dance video with Ishan and smiles. Canteen owner asks why is she cooking food, his staff can do that. Savi says her team performed well today, so she wants to treat them; he can prepare food some other day. She asks for a tiffin. Ishan walks to his cabin and feels guilty for misbehaving with Surekha and punches his hand on a table. Savi offers her prepared food to Shukla and asks him to have it. She then asks if Ishan is in his cabin as she brought food for him. Shukla asks her not to go in now as Ishan looks very upset. Savi doesn’t listen to him and knocks door. Shantanu asks her not to go in as Ishan thinks he hurt his dear one. Savi assures that he will calm down.

Savi enters Ishan’s room. Ishan angrily holds her hand and tries push her out. She stops him, holds his hand and makes him sit. Ye Moh Moh Ke Dhaage.. song plays in the background. She fills his plate and feeds him a bite. He calmly eats. She recalls Isha’s words that her Ishu used to like the dish and used to eat it even if it’s too spicy. He enjoys food. She tastes it and feels spicy. He laughs. Next day, while jogging with Prateek, Ishan asks how does Savi know about his favorite food. Prateek says he is talking about Savi since 45 minutes, what is happening, it’s good if he has moved on from Reeva and likes Savi now. Ishan asks how can he compare Savi and Reeva, Savi is his student and is confined to the college, Reeva was his love and he has moved on. He realizes that he has 1st lecture today and rushes away.

In a classroom, Savi’s friends discuss that the fun part is over and now they have to get back to boring studies. Savi says still the festival is not yet over and a play is yet to happen. Reeva makes announcement on assembly speaker. Navya says Ishan makes assembly announcement, then who this girl is. Everyone look confused. Reeva calls Ishan as Chintu and says she was a stupid to search for success leaving him behind, but now realized that he is her life and hence she has left everything and returned to him. Student discuss that some student who loves Chintu is expressing her love for Chintu, who this Chintu is. Ishan enters announcement room and is shocked to see Reeva. Reeva runs and hugs him.

Precap: Reeva says she can’t believe that he is in front of her, she searched for him in whole college and made an announcement, she is back to him and loves him. He pushes her away. Savi looks shocked.

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