Imlie : Imlie Returns to Agastya’s House !

Imlie returns home and finds her stuff missing. She questions Pallo maami who says she doesn’t know who took it away and is not bothered a bit. Imlie calls Bulbul next and asks if she saw her stuff as it had Agastya babu’s photo. Bulbul says no. Imlie says someone stole it and goes to police station to file a complaint. Inspector asks if she came again to trouble them. Imlie she came to file a missing stuff complaint. Surya walks in. Imlie gets angry seeing him and asks if he is following her. Surya says she is following him instead and asks constable who is she and what is she doing here. Constable says she is Imlie who is coming here daily with her husband’s missing complaint. Imlie realizes he is senior inspector and apologizes him. She then shows him Agastya’s photo and says he is her babu. Surya says her babu looks exactly like him, that is why there was so much confusion. He promises to reopen her babu’s case and help her. Imlie thanks him and walks away.

Imlie finds her stuff in Surya’s jeep and confronts him for stealing it. He says he got it from a thief today. She checks her stuff and finds Agastya’s photo missing. Surya asks if something is missing that she is so much worried. Imlie says her photo is missing. Surya gives her photo and asks if this is the one. Imlie says he already knew about babu and was just acting. Surya says her babu is Chaudhry’s son and reveals his plan to destroy Chaudhrys and since he looks like Agastya, he will make his sister as his sister, his grandmother as his grandmother, and his wife as his wife. Imlie gives him a tight slap and warns him to dare not eye on other’s wife. Surya challenges to marry her and make her as his maid. Imlie challenges him back to destroy him and go to any extent to protect Chaudhry family. Their argument continues.

Imlie notices Chaudhry house auction invitation pamphlet on a wall and calls Sonali. Sonali reveals that due to financial issue. Imlie asks why didn’t she inform her about it and decides to visit Chaudhrys to solve their problem. Sonali says family will not let her inside the house. Imlie asks her to wait and watch. Daadi hires a maid for household chores. Alka asks Govind to explain her that their house will be auctioned tomorrow. Binni informs Daadi that someone is cleaning the backyard. Whole family walks out and notice a woman brooming the floor. Imlie disguised as a maid with a pallu over her face does her usual drama to impress them and forcefully enters the house with her blabbering. She describes how she will serve kachori, gulab jamun, saunf tea each day. They get tempted and decide to hire her as maid. Binni notices her tattoo and says Imlie has similar tatoos and asks her to show her face. Imlie gets tensed.

Precap: Sonali informs family that one who bought Chaudhry house is coming. Surya walks in leaving Chaudhrys in shock. He tells Daadi that since he looks like her grandson, can he call her Daadi. Daadi agrees. He then challenges Imlie that he will soon takeover whatever belongs to Agastya and will get even her.

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