Katha Ankahee 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Aarav wants to speak as well, he thanks his parents for calling him to their wedding because none of his friends were invited to their parent’s wedding. Aarav used to be the man of the house but Viaan takes that responsibility from now. Aarav will be the second man of the house.

Teeji threatens to stop this marriage if Yuvraj doesn’t.

Viaan asks Katha to fix  his necklace, while doing that he asks Katha to consider this an opportunity and run. The Pandit calls for the Mala. Ehsan picks Viaan, Aarav calls it cheating. Viaan doesn’t want any delay, he really wants to get married. Viaan wear the Mala, Katha refrains, Viaan questions, everyone laughs. Katha finally wear the Mala.

Teeji threatens to lit the mundip on fire.

Meera calls Reet aside, asks her to ignite Yuvraj, make him remind about Aditya, agitate him to stop this  wedding. Reet leaves.

Pandit calls grooms sister for the tradition. Vanya while performing the ritual prays for their blessed future together. The pandit continues. Vanya notices Ehsan leaving the mundip. She comes calling him to  the stage, wonders what going on with him, he is good at times but inconsistent. Vanya was leaving, but Ehsan stops her. Ehsan finds Vanya cute in anger mood, he has asked her to punch the guys who flirt with her, he doesn’t want Vanya to doubt herself, she is full of talent.

Pandit calls bride’s parents forward, informs them about this ritual, asks for everyone’s name respectively. Pandit wants Mr. Garewal to giver his daughter’s hand to Viaan Yuvraj looses his patience.

Ehsan tells Vanya his feelings, his desire to talk to her forever but cannot do that being Viaan’s best friend who is Vanya’s brother. Ehsan wants to shout out loid that he isn’t afraid of commitments anymore but can not take risk in Vanya’s case. She is different for him, wants to be with her, Ehsan says I Love You to her.

Mr. Garewal gives Katha’s hand to Viaan. Reet takes Yuvraj aside. Reet knows that he is in trauma, Katha and Aarav may look happy but as a woman she can tell that whatever is happening is wrong. This marriage needs to be stopped, Viaan has exploited Katha then pressurized her for this marriage. Reet begs Yuvraj to stop this wedding.

Viaan and Katha perform the pheeras. Teeji will kill herself if this wedding happened.

Reet  would have not stopped if someone took advantage of her sister. Reet will not forgive Yuvraj if he let this happen. She agitated Yuvraj by reminding him about God.

Viaan helps fix Katha’s dress, later they change position as per tradition. Meera sees Yuvraj approaching in anger, she asks Teeji to fight for Viaan

Yuvraj unties he knot then punches Viaan causing a panic. Viaan asks Yuvraj to tell what happened politely. Yuvraj hits him again. Viaan stands up for himself, Yuvraj tells Viaan that he knows about him taking advantage of Katha. Viaan was perplexed, everything flashed back at him so he didn’t fight back.

Vanya wakes Ehsan, takes him outside to handle the mess.

Yuvraj hits Viaan aggressively, Viaan head hits the back of stage, he bleeds and faints. Katha panics, wants him to be taken to hospital. Ehsan carries him out. Teeji forbids the Garewals from following her. She will punish Yuvraj for  this crime.


Precap: Viaan is in hospital. Katha faints. Mr. Garewal slaps Yuvraj for not telling why he attacked Viaan. Meera apologized to Teeji for not being aware of the outcome. Teeji will not forgive Meera.

Update Credit to: Sona

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