Udaariyaan 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo recalling her marriage with Jass and then Fateh. Fateh says Jasmin, what are you saying, you have some sense or not. Jasmin says I was just saying the truth, if a new relation is joining, then nothing should be hidden, relations aren’t kept on lies, Tejo taught this to me, right Tejo, tell Angad, now he knows it. Tejo cries. Angad says you don’t tension Jasmin ji, Tejo and I know everything about each other, we will know the old things if we are starting a new life, I know what you did on your marriage day and why Tejo had to marry Fateh. Jasmin recalls her words. Angad says everyone knows what happened after that, is there anything else. Simran, Amrik and Mahi smile. Jasmin makes a face. Angad gives his hand to Tejo. Tejo holds his hand and gets up. He says there is a proverb in english, blessing in disguise, if this didn’t happen with you, then such a hero would have not come in your life, sorry, I mean a diamond, smile. She smiles. Fateh recalls Tejo and his moment.

Angad brings Tejo to her home. They get down the car. He says your ex-Sasural people are so good, Khushbeer uncle loves you a lot, what a personality, I had a wonderful evening, I had to go to washroom because of mushroom. She says you knew about my first marriage. He says after the Diwali party, I got to know during police interrogation, that Shahenshah disguised man… She says Jass, my first husband. he was a fraud. He says don’t know how your family got you married to him. She says my family’s Canada dreams changed everything, how did you know about Fateh and my marriage. He says you know I m smart, I heard some, had seen some and made the rest of the story. She says you are smart, thanks. He says I have to keep my promise and support you, this won’t work again, we have to know each other. She says right, we have to spend time together. He says absolutely. She says you should go home and give rest to your tummy. He asks are you sure, you are doing this for your sister, she doesn’t love you. She says you had told that I think a lot about others, if the other person forgets his shame and respect, should we do the same, no, right. He sings Tejo mata ki jai. She laughs and says good night.

Khushbeer asks what happened now, everything happened well, engagement is happening at home Gurpreet says Tejo is going, Angad will take care of her, but we will miss her, you think Fateh will stop Tejo’s happiness. Khushbeer recalls Fateh. He says time will show, I have a hope. She says its wrong, I think Angad is right for Tejo, he was keeping her happy. He says I know, Tejo loves Fateh, she has said yes for our happiness, she doesn’t love Angad, Fateh also loves Tejo. Fateh thinks of Tejo. Kya dekhna tha….plays…

Simran comes and asks are you thinking of Tejo. He says no. She says no need to lie to me, I have seen it even today, you were not happy seeing Angad and Tejo. He says its nothing like that, Angad is really a nice guy, he will keep Tejo very happy, I couldn’t do anything for her, he will fulfill all her dreams. She says I wish Tejo stays happy with him. She goes. He puts his hand on the burning candle. Gurpreet says Fateh will never leave Jasmin, you leave this false hope. Khushbeer says I can’t leave this, how will I open Fateh’s eyes, he has to understand that Tejo is right for him, once marriage happens, all the ways will get closed.

Its morning, Tejo gets ready. Angad calls her. She says I m leaving for the meeting. He says I m coming, we will go together to the academy. She says no need, you go for your work. She says its my work to make you reach destination, be it academy or… you know, when family will say I love the girl so much. She recalls Fateh. He says I knew you will be lost in my sweet words, come out and do the acting of waiting for me, then everyone will say Angad and Tejo love each other. She smiles and says Angad will get caught if he does such overacting.

She goes out and sees Jasmin. Jasmin stops her and asks what is your new drama. Tejo says leave my hand, did you go mad. Jasmin says you are making everyone mad, you fell in love with Angad and want to marry him, how, what is this new drama. They argue a lot. Tejo says it was not my decision, go and talk to dad and Papa ji. Jasmin says you want to act good and show your greatness, you did the same thing last time, you went in my mandap and stood with Fateh, I had forgiven you, this time, I will forget you are my sister. Tejo says I m glad to know you still remember this, I thought you forgot that I m your sister. Angad comes. Tejo says my fiance has come to pick me, I have no time to waste here. She goes with Angad. Jasmin gets angry.

Angad sees Tejo and jokes. She asks can we stay quiet for some time, please. He says when there is noise in heart, a person shouldn’t stay quiet, complains are better than annoyed silence, tell me the matter. She says nothing, I just want to stay quiet. Fateh talks to his students. He asks them to win the championship. He sees Angad dropping Tejo and leaving. Tejo cries thinking of Jasmin’s words and walks past.

Fateh thinks Angad, how dare you make Tejo cry. He goes to meet Angad. Angad says Mr. Virk, welcome. Fateh catches his collar. Rajat and guards come ahead. Angad signs wait. He asks what happened. Fateh punches him. Angad asks did you go mad. Fateh asks why did you make Tejo cry. Angad asks what nonsense. He stops Fateh and scolds him. They have a fight. Angad says I didn’t make her cry, did Tejo say that. Fateh says I have seen her crying and getting down your car, who made her cry. Rajat and guards stop Angad and Fateh’s fight. Fateh says I will find out what you did. Angad says you find out, you will get a shock, you know there are many around you to hurt Tejo, if you worry for Tejo, then ask her or people around her. Fateh gets thinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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