Kundali Bhagya 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Karan is shocked to see Sonakshi, he apologizes saying that he did not know it, Sonakshi exclaims he loves her a lot so did he not know that she was not her, Karan says that he thought she was Preeta because of the dress, Sonakshi exclaims that someone gifted her the dress but she is now going to go and tell her to keep him in check because he hugged his half wife, Karan worryingly questions what does she mean, she replies she considers Preeta as her sister so he is her Jiju but he should never think of her as the half wife, Karan leaves apologizing when Sonakshi exclaims she is not sorry as this is for the first time that he hugged her, she is glad that she was able to divert his mind for some time.

Karan enters the party when he sees Preeta walking down the stairs, he wonders why she is wearing this dress, Preeta also thinks why is he angry because she is wearing the same dress which he selected for her, Sonakshi thinks why is karan so angry because she is wearing the dress that he likes and is his love so he should start looking at her, she then exclaims Preeta is wearing the dress which she gifted him, she knows Karan doesnot like the dress at all as he revealed it at the fay before her wedding with Rajat, she asked if Preeta doesnot know he doesnot really like that particular colour, even then she is wearing it, and not the dress which he gifted her.
Preeta while talking with the guests wonders why is Karan so angry even when she is wearing the dress that he gifted her, she decides to go and talk with him when Sonakshi stops her in the middle, asking how is this dress looking on her, Preeta replies she is looking really good and it feels the dress was made just for her, Karan wonders what has happened to Preeta, he decides to talk with her when Rishab coming from behind takes Karan away after greeting both Preeta and Sonakshi, happy Diwali. Sonakshi purposefully thanks Preeta for the gift, Karan turns back in shock before leaving.

Preeta asks what she is saying she did not gift her this dress, Sonakshi agrees saying she forgot about it, Preeta mentions what is the need to be sorry because mistakes can happen, Sonakshi then asks how this dress looks on her, Preeta mentions it is looking really pretty.

Rishab is walking with Karan when Pihu stopping her asks to come and see that she is going to burn the cracker when Rishab explains this not called a cracker but is a pencil, she can burn all that she wants but when someone is present with her, she can call her father or Dadu but if they don’t come then he can be with her, Pihu however exclaims she is not young but really clever but Rishab explains that he knows she is young, Karan also says the same so Pihu getting angry goes to Kritika explaining that they all are saying she is young, Kritika questions what is Pihu saying as she is thew most clever in the house, Pihu questions Rishab to see who replies that she indeed is the most clever person in the house, Preeta coming to Kritika requests her to not be so angry as she has not done anything wrong but herself has been wronged and she should try to move forward, Kritika apologizes saying that she did not listen to anyone when they tried to warn her about Prithvi, Rishab tries to console her, Karan mentions he would not have agreed had she not threatened to commit suicide, Preeta stops him saying today is Diwali so they should just focus on celebrating the event.

Dadi calls them all to come for the pooja, Shristhi also comes rushing a[apologizing for being late, Sameer asks if she has forgiven him but she instead moves away, the pooja starts and everyone starts performing it one by one when Karan moves ahead, Sonakshi immediately tries to go with him however Preeta stopping her exclaims this Pooja is only performed by the couples, Sonakshi gets jealous standing alone, she exclaims how she will very soon take the place of Preeta not only in the life of Karan but also this house and will then make Preeta pay for all that she has done, she will make sure Preeta sees hell in this house, Sameer and Shrishti also start performing the pooja alone when Sonakshi comes to take it however Shristhi hands it to Kritika who performs the pooja along with Sonakshi,. Kritika is really tensed, the Arti finally ends when the Pandit jee advises them to light all of the Diya’s in the house, Pihu is really excited to fire the crackers, Rakhi asks both Shristhi to go and help Pihu change her clothes.

Shristhi is going with Pihu and Sameer when Pihu exclaims that she doesnot know the Arti, Shristhi questions why would god punish her, Pihu exclaims they all were singing the Arti because they have learned it but she doesnot know it, Sameer exclaims she will never be punished however Sonakshi walking behind them mentions how she will be punished, Sameer informs Pihu that she is loved by god so he will not punish her, they both ask Pihu what prayer did she ask for, Pihu replies that her friend has sisters so she prayed to god that she also has a sister, Shristhi exclaims that sometimes what is not in the fate tends to happen by the prayers of the children, they both get excited exclaiming how she will surely wait for a miracle to happen, Shrishti mentions Pihu is really mischievous child and they should change the clothes, however Pihu says she doesnot want any help and will do it herself, she forcefully sends Shristhi away, Sonakshi standing outside the door think that she will make this Diwali the worst for Preeta and make her pay.

Preeta is lighting the Diya’s on the rooftop when she takes the thali, the Diya’s are about to end when karan immediately comes to help her, she thanks him but doesnot know why he is angry, she then asks what does he think of her dress, he pulling her closer exclaims she looks goof in every dress which she wears, Karan explains ti takes some time for him to get normal, Preeta questions then why is he angry, he doesnot explain anything to her, but when she insists he is about to reveal the news, the guests come calling them both so they get separated, they constantly look a each other.

Pihu is in her room when Sonakshi comes, Pihu asks her to leave as she needs to change her clothes, however Sonakshi asks what is the need since she looks really beautiful however Pihu replies that she needs to change because this is what her Grandmother said, Sonakshi replies now Preeta doesnot want her to change, she even shows her the gift which she brought for her so advises her to go and light the crackers, she helps her wear the shows before walking out the room.

Mahesh is with Rishab when Karan brings a guest, Mahesh greets him then questions where his wife is, he runs away exclaiming that he forgot to invite her inside, Mahesh advises him to run otherwise she will beat him, Mahesh hugs both Karan and Rishab mentioning they are his lions when Karan exclaims, he is the real lion. Karina and Dadi come questioning what is going on, Mahesh asks why she not told him about the happiness that a father feels with his son and how it pains him a lot more if his sons are in trouble. Dadi calls him a stupid person saying this feeling is felt and not something which is told, Mahesh exclaims he felt it which is why he is asking her why she not told him about it before, Karina worryingly looks at Kritika, Mahesh questions what happened, she asks them all to see how Kritika is so torn, she cannot watch her in such a condition. Rishab hugging her asks her to not be worried since they will always take care of her, Karina prays that nothing wrong ever happens to her loving family.

Precap: Preeta mentions life is too short for the quarrels and pain so when the life moves ahead they should not be worried thinking about the moment in which they could have showered each other with immense love, she hugs him while Sonakshi gets really jealous seeing them from the corner.

Update Credit to: Sona

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