Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta mentions he says he has made a lot of effort but what has he done, she made a lot of effort and if this property is now on her name it is actually because ever since she took the first step in this house she has worked for everyone with all her heart, and pure intention, she made tea and cooked food for them while also supporting each and every one of them in their personal matters and the biggest thing which she did was marry their son, Karan Luthra after which she became the daughter in law and as that she that she has a right over this property, but she has gotten more what she expected because she is the favourite of Mahesh papa, she asks what does his story stand in front of what she has revealed, she has come into this house not for their sympathy or concern but her right and money and in order to achieve that for which she had come into this house from the start, Karina exclaims the first time she has liked her words because today she is telling the truth that she has come into this house for money.

Preeta is shocked when Dadi exclaims she has never seen this side of Preeta so would also make sure that Karan sees it, she leaves with Sameer. Sherlin also mentions how bua always used to say it, Kritika exclaims this is the real face of Preeta because she always used to stand beside her when everyone would blame her but now she is feeling really sad to see it, Karina exclaims that she wished Preeta had revealed her true face in front of everyone a lot earlier because they would not have felt so bad, Rakhi says that she is not understanding anything which Preeta is saying because she was saying that she has moved on in her life but now is talking about what she owns, she is not understanding anything however Preeta explains that she doesnot care if they are not understanding her words but the truth is that she only cares for herself.

Dadi in the room is trying to wake Karan but he doesnot even move, Sameer comes with lemon drink, she is glad that he brought this and asks him to try and wake Karan because she wants to reveal the true face of Preeta, he replies that Karan already knows it but Dadi mentions it was the old truth, she wants to know reveal what is happening today.

Rakhi asks what was it she had just come for the sake of money, she showered so much concern over everyone that when Kritika was about to get married to Akshay she found out the truth about him and tried to stop it, then also did the same when she decided to marry Prithvi, he mentions he is a really good person who has taken care of them, which is why they are still in the house. Rakhi exclaims she did a lot to help Rishab and when she was not even the wife of Karan, she took the blame of drugs on herself because he is a cricketer and if this came out his career would have been ruined, leaving it aside she was the one to always fight for the house whenever they were in trouble, sometimes she would forget when to give Dadi and Mahesh jee the medicine, she always kept their happens before her own desires, Rakhi exclaims that she is the happiness of this house, everything that is good in this house is because of her, Preeta exclaims she needed to do this if she had to become the daughter of Mahesh papa, she wanted to take all the wealth of him and so got what she desired, Rakhi asks her to say it in her eyes if this is the truth, Sherlin exclaims she doesnot have any shame in her eyes, if she had any left then would not have said it like this, Karina questions if Rakhi is not understanding because Preeta herself said that she just came for the sake of family, she came as a simple therapist to take care of their mother, seeing their wealth and status she decided to marry Karan and so did it while being in disguise after which she will become a member of the Luthra family. She is sure if Karan knew she was under that veil then he would never have married her, everyone looks to her in anger.

Dadi exclaims whenever they need him, he is always sleeping under the influence of alcohol, she asks him to drink the lemonade and makes him drink it, she sys he needs to go downstairs otherwise he would not be able to find out the truth.

Karina asks Preeta to look at her while she is talking, Rakhi requests her to stop, Sherlin questions why has she come back because they were living their life, Preeta says it feels as if she is the most tensed, what does she think Preeta has she done to her, by revealing her truth or exposing the drama, she knows they both are the ones who are the most tensed because she knows that both of them are treating the Luthra’s really badly, Preeta questions why are they all so worried because she will treat them a lot better than Prithvi, she explains that they both are two sides but she is the better side, she says that she knows Prithvi came back into this house in order to seek revenge but just to clarify she doesnot have any soft corner for them anymore, Karina questions Rakhi to see what is Preeta saying because she had always sought the money. Preeta ask Karina jee why is she feeling so bad because there is nothing wrong in being middle class because they are the ones who see the dreams and then try to achieve them. Preeta mentions she is not feeling bad but she always just desired the wealth, Karina knew about her truth from the first day because as it is said that those who are alike know what the other feels.

Prithvi exclaims that it is enough because after Rishab left did she think Karan would have been able to run the business but he would have ruined it altogether because he has no idea of running a business, Preeta assures it is even better since she now needs people like him who would help her run the business, prithvi exclaims that she is saying she is the owner when he doesnot believe any of her fake papers.

Dadi is trying to wake karan in the room, he questions why she is doing it but she reveals Preeta has come and is saying that she is the owner of this entire property. Karan leaves in excitement mentioning that his Preeta has come, Dadi goes after him saying she thought he would get angry, but he is happy.

Preeta says she doesnot have any concern of what he thinks, she taking out the paper asks Sherlin to come and read the will of Mahesh papa because she was really interested, she exclaims she can see Prithvi is really tensed as he is figured that the property of which he had forcefully taken control off is now slipping from his hands. Prithvi stands frustrated, while Preeta is relieved.

Update Credit to: Sona

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