Kundali Bhagya 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Preeta is hiding behind the machines, prithvi walks towards the bed kneeling to see if anyone is here, Prithvi thinks that his ears are beating as he is constantly thinking that someone is near him but he is not able to see anyone, Prithvi then takes out the medicine, seeing which Preeta gets angry, prithvi asks who says that life and death are in the hands of Bhagwan as it is not true because they are in his hands, he then injects the medicine in the IV bag, thinking that now Sundeep is surely going to die, Prithvi in excitement walks out of the room, he is shocked to see that his ring is missing and wonders where has it gone, he thinks that if the police are able to find his ring, it would be the proof against him.

Preeta comes out of the hiding, informing Sundeep to not be worried as he was just injected with multi vitamins and the only thing which they will do is to boost his immunity, Preeta hears that someone is coming, Prithvi in a hurry enters the room tying to find his ring however he is shocked to see that Sundeep is not in his bed, Prithvi standing at the window sees Preeta standing by the ambulance, while the ward boys are placing Sundeep in the ambulance, Prithvi tries to run after her however he thinks that he must first find the truth about his ring as if anyone else gets a hold of it then his plan would be ruined, Prithvi is able to find his ring with the help of his mobile.

Prithvi while driving the car is wondering how it all happened because he was really careful so how was he deceived, Prithvi then recalls when he thought someone was with him in the room, he is really shocked, Prithvi tries to think where Preeta took Sundeep.
Preeta brings Sundeep into the Luthra house with the help of the ward boys, Rakhi brings the wheelchair, Rakhi asks why did Preeta go alone because if she told them before then someone might have accompanied her, Preeta explains she got to know in such a hurry that was not able to inform anyone, Shristhi questions then why did she not call them afterwards, Preeta replies they can talk about it later but first need to hide Sundeep, she asks Sameer to take care of him.

Preeta along with Sameer, Shrishti and Rakhi enter the room with Sundeep, Preeta explains they have to make sure Sundeep is hidden from Prithvi, Rakhi asks Preeta if Prithvi knows that Sundeep is here, Preeta replies he doesnot but they have to be really careful since he is Prithvi and really clever so would be able to find out the truth, Preeta decides to go and close the front door, but just then Prithvi stops her from closing it, Preeta is shocked to see him, he asks what happened and would she not allow him to come inside, Preeta replies it is nothing like that, he asks why is she in so much tension, Prithvi tries to question what has happened, Preeta says he even knows what has not happened, Prithvi exclaims he is like that as he can see what is hidden and what is the truth, Preeta asks him to say it clearly, prithvi questions what is she hiding which he wants to know, Prithvi asks if he has a mobile, Preeta asks if he is scared that she is recording him, Prithvi questions what benefit did those recording gave her, he then asks if her mobile has a camera, Preeta questions why is he so scared but Prithvi however replies he is not scared and is only alive because of his cleverness, Preeta is adamant that she was not at the hospital and is not understanding his petty talks but Prithvi then says he would be clear, he questions where did she take Sundeep.

Preeta however refuses to accept that she had anything to do with it and was even at the hospital but Preeta is adamant that she was not there, Prithvi however explains he saw her with Sundeep by the ambulance, he can even see her from the top of a building because she has a special place in his heart, then she should not be so confident because he can never be mistaken and has saw her at the dock by the ambulance, Prithvi requests her to not come in his way because he has threatened her a lot of times before but she persists on harming him however would not be able to do it.

Preeta explains she can do anything for her family and when someone tries to harm then she becomes just as the Durga maa in order to protect her family, Prithvi however replies she would not be able to do it but Preeta insists she will make sure Prithvi reaches the end of his life as she will surely help Rishab jee so he is freed and then prithvi would be in jail for all the crimes which he has committed, Prithvi is relaxed that nothing can happen to him as he will like always remain victorious, Prithvi leaves in anger, Preeta thinks she has revealed all of her plans to Prithvi but has just kept one card hidden which is Sundeep so that he is not able to get to him.

Prithvi reaches his room in frustration, he sits on the sofa pouring out water, Kritika wakes up asking where did Prithvi go so late at night and is coming back at this hour, Prithvi in anger exclaims je doesnot like to be questioned this much, Kritika gets tensed when prithvi asks how did she like his acting as it was just as a prank, Kritika leaves, Prithvi standing thinks what should he do now because he needs to end Sundeep tonight, prithvi thinks whatever he says about Sherlin she always had a plan, he is not even able to contact her, Prithvi thinks there are so much tensions in life because at one moment he feels everything is sorted but at the other there are so many problems, Prithvi is sure that Preeta jee would have brought Sundeep to the Mansion, he must search all the rooms to find the Sundeep now, Kritika coming out thinks there would be a lot tensions in the business.

Preeta entering the room explains that Prithvi has come back, and knows that she is aware of the entire truth but he doesnot know that Rakhi maa also knows it, Rakhi advises Preeta that they should inform the entire family but Shrishti immediately stops her saying because if Prithvi comes to know about it then he would either die or harm someone but the way he is, he would surely try to harm someone, Preeta explains Shristhi is true because if he comes to know that they all know his truth, he would start making plans so it is better that he thinks she only knows about him, Sameer explains that Prithvi would come to know that Sundeep is in the Luthra mansion, he will try to search for him, Rakhi exclaims it is a house so he will be able to find Sundeep.

Prithvi coming out of the guest room is tensed because he was not able to find Sundeep, Prithvi is amazed with the cleverness of Preeta as she knew he would look at the guest room, prithvi sitting on the sofa wonders where would have they all hid Sundeep, he thinks he only has tonight otherwise everything would be ruined, Prithvi however standing with renewed mind thinks this cannot happen as he doesnot know how to lose, and will surely not let anyone else win.

Precap: Prithvi is holding the knife when he sees everyone standing at the back, Sundeep requests Prithvi to not kill him, he tries to hit him with a knife but Sundeep manages to run away, the lights turn on when Preeta comes exclaiming that prithvi is trapped, he is shocked to see everyone standing in front of him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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