Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali : Pallavi Suspicion on Esha Gets Strong ; Sunny Plans to Kill Pallavi

Esha says I want my love my rights back and I will surely get it back, I am Raghav’s first late, Pallavi says its also said if someone falls in love again, the first love doesn’t matter, past can never be present and Raghav doesn’t want to live his past, especially you, and present matters and if you really loved him, stop doing this and move on peacefully, just like Raghav did and dont fool around with Sunny, he couldn’t be his wife what will he support you, Sunny just knows to make use of people and here have your green tea and leaves. Sunny hears Pallavi and Esha conversation and walks to Esha, Esha says how dare she talk to me like this, I hate her so much, Sunny says I will handle her you focus on your work.

Amruta sees Sulochana in hall and asks when did you come here and change saree too, Sulochana says when did I go upstairs, I am here crying in my fate, Amruta says why, you both patched up right and you were so happy sometime back, Sulochana says even you lost your brain like your father .

Pallavi gets Diwali lanterns and light, Keerti says so pretty, Pallavi says let me check these lights if they don’t work I will return, Sunny sees Pallavi, Keerti drops color on herself, Pallavi goes help her, Sunny messes with the switch so that Pallavi can get electric shock when she will go test lamp and thinks this is return gift for insulting me, and me and Esha will ruin your life to that extent that you will run away from here.
Keerti says Pallavi I will go wash dress.
Pallavi about to inset switch, Raghav closes her eyes and takes her with him.

Raghav takes Pallavi to their room and gives her a gift, and says go check, Pallavi sees saree and says wow, Raghav says it’s your Diwali gift and its been so long I didn’t gift you anything, Pallavi says very pretty and I didn’t get you anything,Raghav says you are the best gift I have, I don’t want anything, my wife is so awesome, Pallavi says so romantic today, Raghav says my wife is so romantic, Pallavi says ao cheesy, and I like it, it suits you, Raghav pulls her close and asks her what else, Pallavi says romance has its time and I have lot of work, I will go continue with it and we will continue our romance later, Raghav says as you say, you may go now.

Esha sees Diwali stuff in hall and lamp near switch and says pretty let me check it’s light, Esha gets electric shock, Pallavi sees Esha getting shock and calls Raghav and Jaya for help and gets a stick and hits Esha’s hand with it to release her hand, everyone arrive, Raghav says why did you hit her, Pallavi says Esha was having current shock, Keerti says how did you get shock, Esha says I was trying to light this lamp, Pallavi says I bought this lamp how did it gave you shock, Raghav says may be board problem, I will ask electrician to fix it, no one touches it. Jaya says shall I call doctor, Raghav says Pallavi saved you Esha from very big accident, thank her, Esha says thank you, Sunny thinks this Pallavi saved today as well. Esha goes to her room, Pallavi thinking how did this happen.

Milind closes window in Rajni’s room, Rajni asks him was that your daughter, Milind says yes, Rajni says is your wife really that dangerous, Milind says yes and also here look, you and my wife look similar, and when I saw you first time I thought you are Sulochana but later I found out you are nothing like her, you are different, she was never like this but greed turn her into this and we have nothing between us and stay together as formality, Rajni says you brought me in place of your wife because I look like her, Milind says not at all, there is other reason too, Rajni asks what

Sunny tells Esha he had did that to switch board so Pallavi gets a shock, why did you jump in and flop the plan, Esha says couldn’t you tell me, Sunny says it was dangerous plan I didn’t know you would support me, do you have these guts, Esha says yes I do, when I saw Raghav praising Pallavi I couldn’t handle that, he didn’t even ask me how am I, I can’t loose him again, and can’t see him with anyone and do anything to have him back.

Pallavi thinking about shock incident, Raghav walks to her and says media reporters are coming, wear this new saree, Raghav gets a call, he kisses Pallavi says I love you and leaves to attend the call.
Pallavi stumbles while getting dressed, she sees the dupatta and notices the design is same as my jewellery design, it was unique and not inspired, I lost the design how did I get it on this saree. Pallavi asks Farhad about the saree, Farhad says its inspired by our new Jewellery collection, Pallavi says okay and connects doubts that and says I was right, Esha is behind all this.

Rajni says Milind this plan is dangerous, Milind says don’t worry we will manage that.

Pallavi walks to Esha and asks how is she, Esha says good, Pallavi says good see this saree, how is it, Raghav gifted me, Esha says good, Pallavi asks and design very pretty right, Esha says yes, Pallavi says this design is mine has to be pretty, I made it for jewellery collection which went missing and then came on this saree, Esha says what do you mean, Pallavi says you stole it right, and gave it to Raghav, this is problem with truth it comes out some day, and don’t be scared, you have done bigger mistakes than this, like killing me.

Pre cap:Raghav shouts at Esha and says I have decided that I will tell Pallavi truth about Varangal, Esha in tears says doesn’t that night matter to you, Raghav shouts and says I told you thousand times it means nothing it was biggest mistake of my life, Pallavi hears that and in tears.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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