Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Sunny Bana Good Boy

Doctor checks Keerti and asks to get her ultra sound done. Raghav says doctor I will take good care of my sister and makes sure there is no stress around her. Doctor leaves.
Sunny tries to go near Keerti, Raghav says step away from her, Sunny says I am so sorry I didn’t do this purposely I was just angry, I am so sorry, Jaya says it would be better she never married her, would be so happy, because a husband like you will never get her happiness, has no control over anger infront of pregnant wife, has no right to be a husband or father.

Sulochana walks to Milind and says you will loose, your fake Sulochana will loose because my family will vote me and when I throw her out, I will make you pay for all the pain you gave me, I will win for sure, because my family will choose me, Milind says I will pray for you all the best

Jaya gives Keerti soup, and says you rest, I will go check if Reddy got you medicine and leaves. Sunny walks in and says sorry Keerti I was angry, Keerti says please I don’t want to talk to you please leave, Sunny says I accept my mistake please forgive me, you and my baby are my life, slap me, scold me, I will do anything you say, Keerti says its too late Sunny, I was mad to marry you, I should have listened to Amma and bhai. Sunny says don’t say that. Keerti says I wish me and my baby both should I have died, Sunny says please Keerti, give me one chance, I will become best husband and father, Keerti asks him to leave. Sunny walks out.

Sunny in Esha’s room, Esha walks in, Esha tells him Pallavi is really dead and her family is going file case against me, Sunny says God it means I saw a ghost, I am so scared, Esha says do something, help me or else I will go mad, Sunny says wait, there must be some wish Pallavi has which wasn’t completed so lets call Pallavi’s soul and talk to her, I can do planchette. Esha says okay, Sunny says give me money I will bring arrangements and we will do it tonight it self.
Esha hands Sunny money and he leaves.

Raghav meets Pallavi, Pallavi asks how is Keerti, Raghav says fine, Pallavi says Esha has agreed that I am dead, what next, Raghav says Sunny has made a plan, Pallavi asks why, Raghav says he came to me with idea….
…(Sunny walks to Raghav, and says I want to fix between Keerti and me, I know you won’t trust me but what happened today and thought of loosing Keerti and my baby, scared me a lot, I won’t do any bad work from today, that will affect my baby or Keerti, she isn’t even talking to me I can’t face that, I really love her, I agree I have fooled around a lot, but I truly love her and didn’t know when I turned greedy, but I realised what pain it is to loose family, and I am sorry will expose Esha and will help get you her confession, will enact Planchette and get her confession recorded, I know it’s hard to trust me but I wamt to fix things between me and Keerti. Raghav says I always want my sister to be hapoy, if you keep her safe I will trust you or else I won’t, Sunny says thank you,….)

Pallavi says Sunny isn’t trust worthy, Raghav says I saw it in his eyes, Pallavi says if he does if he says so I will be very happy. Sumit sees Raghav and Pallavi together.

Mansi says we will have a vote out now but first you two will keep your sides, go ahead.
Sulochana says you all know I can’t cook, I make so many drama and spend time in parlour and I know you all will choose me. Rajni says choose that Sulochana that loves family and I. changed now and this lady is my past but now I have changed.

Sunny arranged planchette with Esha, Raghav and Pallavi keeping eye on them.
Mansi says Amruta I am still confused. Rajni walks to them and asks will she serve dinner, Sulochana walks in and says why will you, they are my kids and I supported and saved Mansi from Rahul and Amruta from pregnancy matter.
Rajni says Amruta we all know you were at fault and in name of love I did support you but that was wrong and supporting Mansi for Rahul was wrong he doesn’t deserve to be anyone husband who keeps forcing to break relationship.
Sulochana thinks, such a stupid woman this Rajni is, because my daughter’s know I never would talk like this.

Esha says Sunny I am so scared. Sunny says don’t be scared come, lets start calling Pallavi’s soul, Esha gets call from Sumit and he says I have important thing to share I am outside come soon. Esha tells Sunny, Sumit has some truth to say, Sunny says we have started process we can’t go, Esha says it is important and leaves.
Raghav says to Pallavi don’t worry I know what to do.

Pre cap: Police walks in, Raghav says this is Esha whose confession video I shared.
Raghav and Pallavi together.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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