Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Hits Pallavi on Head !

Sulochana home and says today I will find tyat women and show everyone, I am right and Milind wrong, Rajni walks in, Sulochana and Rajni shout looking at each other, Sulochana faints, Rajni runs to room, Sharda rushes to Sulochana, Milind says which one is she, Sharda asks what, Milind says I mean when did she come. Sulochana gains conscious and says I saw women same like me, Milind says what nonsense are you talking, come I will take you to doctor, you will be fine.

Sumit hits Varangal hotel waiter who told Pallavi truth.
Pallavi and Amruta reach home, Pallavi happy and says Raghav just hide things from me and he hasn’t cheated me, we can be back together, Sharda walks to them, Pallavi tells about Esha’s plan to Sharda, and says I can save my family and go back to them, and sort everything with Raghav and tell him truth and finish his guilt, lets call everyone to dinner today and then I can have a fresh start. Sharda says I will invite them for dinner.
Sharda calls Jaya and says Pallavi has invited you all for dinner do come, Jaya asks why, Sharda says Pallavi has ro say something. Jaya says okay and disconnects call.

Jaya informs Raghav and Keerti about dinner invitation, Keerti says lets go may be its about Esha, Raghav says I am excited about having dinner with her, and you two go ahead I will join after meeting, Jaya says okay and prays to God to give her kdis happiness back

Rajni hiding, Milind says come out Sulochana is asleep, Rajni says Milind things are getting very complicated lets tell all, Milind says I am tired too and I think even Sulochana is missing her family and since today we have Pallavi’s family for dinner so not today.

Sumit informs Esha about Pallavi finding the truth, and says I have hit him and locked him. Esha worried and says real problem is Pallavi and if she tells Raghav, Raghav won’t listen to me, I can’t let this happen, I want Raghav in any case.

Jata abd Keerti arrives at Deshmukh’s, Pallavi hugs Jaya, and says don’t worry all will be fine soon, Jaya asks where is Sulochana, Milind says she isn’t doing well, Pallavi asks where is Raghav, Keerti says he will come after meeting.
Sharda asks Jaya why is she so worried, Jaya says look at my kids they are in so many problems, Sharda says keep faith and trust your daughter in law, Jaya says okay. Keerti asks Pallavi what is it, Sunny thinks I am dying to know what is it, Pallavi says I will tell with Raghav, let me go home and get Raghav, and then tell everyone, Pallavi leaves.

Pallavi arrived at Rao Mansion, she decides to go tell Raghav and sees Esha behind her, Esha says its not easy to defeat me, I won’t let Raghav go away from me and hits Pallavi says on her head and takes away her phone and drags her, Pallavi’s earring falls down, Esha takes her upstairs to her room and ties her to a chair, covers her mouth, locks the room frim outside and leaves.

Jaya says where are these two, Mansi says may be Raghav’s meeting is taking long, Milind says let me try Pallavi and says her phone isnt reachable, Keerti says even Raghav’s phone is not reachable.

Raghav sees Esha and says how dare you walk in, get out, Esha says no you will have to listen to me, I know you are angry and your biggest enemy now but I love you the most, what was my fault, and is it wrong that I had feelings for you and you didn’t stop yourself that night because you too have feelings for me and I can do everything to get you, Pallavi just treats you like a slave and doesn’t want you and you decide who you want, one who accepts you or one who wants you to change and if you choose me over Pallavi, I will take back this case and if you don’t and I win case, you will loose everything, so marry me and you will get a wife who loves you, and Pallavi will give you prison and loneliness and pain for family, even Amma and Keerti will leave you, so tell me who do you choose, will you come with me and be with me.

Raghav about to hold Esha’s hand hears Pallavi’s voice and rushes to the sound.
Jaya, Keerti, Sharda worried for Raghav, Pallavi. Milind says I will go check, Keerti says me and Sunny will go check. Sunny gets call from Sumit.
Raghav finds Pallavi, Pallavi says Esha did this to her and Esha has lied and plotted all this, and tells what waiter told her. Esha walks in and says wow Pallavi, look how cheap you are, you weren’t there but I was, and me and Raghav know the truth and Raghav loves me and he wants me and not you.

Pre cap: Pallavi points gun at Esha and says you ruined my life, I will finish you now, Raghav says calm down, Pallavi says I won’t, and shoots.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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