Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Esha Confesses Her Crimes

Sunny tells Pallavi that Esha went to meet Sumit, Pallavi says Raghav is handling Sumit and you go do your part, because we won’t get another chance cmon. Esha comes out and starts looking for Sumit, Raghav holding Sumit away and keeping his mouth closed. Sunny walks to Esha and asks where is Sumit, Esha says he isn’t here, Sunny says don’t you know him, he must be drunk, and its already late we have planchette to make.
Raghav ties Sumit in his den, Pallavi walks in and says Sunny and Esha are starting Planchette, Raghav says good, we have to keep him here tied till Esha confesses because he has seen you now. Pallavi says I’m not liking all this, look what we turned into. Raghav says they left us no option, they need to be taught a lesson, now don’t blame yourself lets go.

Esha and Sunny start planchette, Sunny acts as if he is calling Pallavi and goes quiet, Esha gets scared, Sunny says don’t say a word or more, just close your eyes, Pallavi walks in, Sunny says Esha don’t be scared, Pallavi is here, Sunny asks why are you behind her, Esha says it was by mistake I didn’t want to kill you and you came between me and Raghav, Pallavi says I didn’t you did, first you killed me, you also slept with him, Esha says I didn’t, it was all a plan, I went forcefully behind Raghav, so that I can confess love, but he kept talking about you and I got angry and so I made that fake night plan so I can throw you out of his life, sorry, please forgive me. Esha starts crying and closes her eyes, Pallavi leave the room. Sunny says look Esha she has left, because you apologised now she won’t trouble you, keep this ash with you, till you have this she won’t trouble you.

Milind asks Amruta and Mansi to vote, Mansi asks where is Kaku, Milind says she had to leave for Kolhapur for her brother, but her vote is here in this note. Sulochana says not needed these two will definitely choose me, Milind says let them decide. Amruta and Mansi choose Rajni as their mom. Sulochana gets angry, Milind opens Sharda’s note, she has voted South Indian women is Sulochana. Milind says so she is our Sulochana, and this yellow saree is fake.

Raghav shows Pallavi recorded confession, Pallavi says finally we have it and all will be good and I can come back to my house, Raghav says yes we will be back together, Pallavi says but I am scared what if things fail, Raghav says don’t worry, you have already suffered a lot and now we will have only happiness, and I love you, Pallavi says I love you too and hugs him.

Sulochana says you all are part of this dirt, this women is lying, she isn’t Sulochana I am, Milind is making you two do all this, Milind says you again thinking wrong, they choose her because she is the old version of Sulochana who cared about family and wasn’t greedy and god knows when you turned so greedy, Mansi says yes, you never came to me as a mother but spoilt me instead, even Amruta understood but I didn’t, you ruined things, Amruta says you did so many wrong things you could be jailed for it, you made Pallavi’s life hell and you gave us embarrassment, I feel ashamed of you and your planning plotting so I want her as mother, Mansi says me too, Sulochana says I know this is all Milind’s plan to throw me out of this house, I will go court and prove this is my family and kids, I won’t let you go so easily, Milind gets angry and says stop Sulochana.

Sunny walks to Keerti, says please listen to me and then you can punish me and I will leave too.
Sumit sees knife in den, he drags his chair till there, picks it and freea himself, but door is locked from outside, he sees window.
Sunny says Keerti I wanted money and in that greed I forgot my love to you, and I don’t want him, I want the old one who loves Keerti, Sunny has no meaning without you. Keerti says I will forgive on one condition, Sunny says will do everything you say, Keerti says you will have to cook pasta for me, Sunny says everyday till I die and hugs her.

Milind says Rajni isn’t my love or anything nor I want her to stay, I was just showing you what you were, Rajni says he did all this to get his old wife back, he always said he loved you, look read his diary, all about you. Sulochana reads his diary, Rajni says because of this diary I could imitate you, your family and Milind love you a lot, but what did you do with them you kept chosing the wrong part.

Pallavi and Raghav tell Jaya about confession and Sunny helped them, he feels bad for what he has done, Jaya says good he got on track back, I pray my family has happiness. Raghav says yes only happiness.

Pre cap: Police arrests Esha.
Raghav and Pallavi together, get married.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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