Choti Sardarni 9th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Rajveer tries to walk but he hits himself in pricks. Seher says when eyes aren’t with you feel them. He says where were? She says tell me where am I? She claps. raj says here. Seher says now? He says here. She says it’s your favorite bharta. He smells it and says it’s saag. She says exactly, nose can be eyes too. Seher says it’s hot. It will burn your hands. He says hands can’t be eyes. She says they can. Touch it. She touches his hand on the roti. He says it’s so hot. She says what did you feel? He says hot. Rajveer smiles. Seher makes him eat. He makes Seher eat too.

Scene 2
The kids are hungry. Param says we will celebrate lohri with so much fun. Karan says nani isn’t here but she’s ordered it to be the best. Bitu says the food should be perfect. Ginni says I’ve orderd the DJ and everything. Karan says our bonfire will be perfect. Rana says Rajveer don’t wear these western clothes tomorrow. Wear a kurta like a true jutt. Harleen says do things like a jutt too. Seher says what? Harleen says the SIL has to prove that he’s the best husband and a true Jutt. You have to tie a paranda in Seher’s hair and you have to dance around the bonfire. Seher says but.. Rajveer says I will do that. I will do both the rituals. Seher says don’t need to prove anything. He says I can do anything for you.

Rana says let’s go to work. Robbie says to Harleen you said he will get scared. Kulwant calls Seher. She asks what did guru ji say? Seher says he said he won’t help anyone from mama’s family. I will convince him. Kulwant says I have faith in you. Kulwant says Karan told me Harleen asked Rajveer to do rituals. Seher says yes she did. Kulwant says be there for Raj, it must be her plan. Seher says I wish you were here. Kulwant says my prayers are with you.

Ginni says paranda is ready. Do Seher’s braid. Karan says Harleen is doing all this to annoy Rajveer. Why is this important? Param says these are Gill family rituals. Karan says I am also Gill, I know the rituals. Param if you were you wouldn’t call them useless. Karan says you’re too much. Seher says stop it. Ginni says come I will teach you Raj. She says Seher sit here. She says make three portions of the hair. She teaches Raj how to do it. Ginni says Seher tell him paranda story. Rana says tell her in mummy ji’s voice. Seher says let me tell the story. Women would lose hair, so their braids would go smaller. So they thought we would use paranda and it became a fashion. Rajveer says you talk like nani ji. Ginni teaches her how to tie paranda. Rajveer gets confused. Seher guides him.

Scene 3
Rana and Bitu say come let us teach you Jutt dance. They all do bhangra together. Seher says I wanna see you happy like this always. Rana says well done Rajveer. Bitu says bhangra shows botherhood. They bring Karan and Param and teach Rajveer how to do bhangra. They all dance together. Seher dances with them. Rana says Raj go dance with Seher. They dance together. Seher recalls their moments together. Ginni says you both are made for each other. Rana says well done Raj. Ginni says Rajveer will do the best at night. Sehre says time to sleep. Rajveer looks for his stick. He falls.

Seher says Raj are you okay? Karan and Param pick him up. Robbie has hidden the stick. He says I will see how he dances tomorrow. Rajveer says I am fine. Bitu says your stick was here. you could ask anyone. You must have bruised yourself. How will you dance? Rajveer says like this. I am fine. Robbie says you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Seher says let me take you to the room. He says I will go on my own. Seher says in heart I won’t let you lose no matter how much anyone tries.


Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer comes for Lohri. Harleen says ready to do Gill rituals? Rajveer syas I will do anything for Seher.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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