Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Pallavi Leaves Raghav !

Raghav follows Pallavi and says listen to me and tries to hold her hand, Pallavi says don’t touch me and is there explanation for this too, I trusted you and you ruined everything, I was mad to believe that I am your love, your life and didn’t it hurt you to do this, all that love was lie, didn’t you think about me while doing this, Raghav says I was drunk so, Pallavi says you again broke me, lied to me and hide thing’s.
Raghav says Pallavi I am sorry I know I made biggest mistake in life, I am ready to accept any punishment but please don’t leave me, I beg you, I will die without you. Pallavi says but I am already dead on that night, I can’t stay anymore, you destroyed everything my life, this house our room everything, I feel disgusted seeing you and my Raghav I lost him when he slept with Esha, I can’t stay with you, I didn’t break this bad when Mandar died or you questioned my character, or Baba threw me out of house, you crossed the line Raghav and there is nothing left in this relation.

Pallavi leaves, Esha stops Raghav, why stop her she doesn’t want to live with you, Raghav says shut up and get lost, I love her and dare you come in between us, and you will see the part of me that you never imagined and goes to get Pallavi.
Security hands Pallavi’s ring to Raghav says madam gave this.

Sunny sees Keerti with kids clothes and says good, Keerti says I thought of buying things one by one for our child and go light diya in new house, Sunny says we can’t go its not allowed, Keerti says why, Sunny says possession is not given, Keerti says give me number of builder I will talk to him, Sunny says okay I will look for visiting card and give you and I have to work on designs so see you later. Keerti says why does he avoid house topic.

Mansi and Vijay shocked to see Sulochana performing Aarti and ask are you fine and why wear bindi upside down, Sulochana says I am fine Anna, (Its not Sulochana but Rajni), Milind says this is effect of watching too much TV, Rajni as Sulochana says I will go cook, Mansi says looks like we have to order food, Milind says good atleast after so long she is trying this.

Raghav looking for Pallavi, he hopes Pallavi is fine, Pallavi sitting on a chair but Raghav couldn’t see her because of a car. A Car passes by and all mud gets splashed of all Pallavi and her face and her Sindoor goes off, Pallavi says today again I lost colors in my life why again me God.

Jaya asks Keerti where is Pallavi and Raghav, Farhad rushes to them and says Raghav had called and he said he is looking for Pallavi and has asked me too. Jaya says why, did she leave in anger, did they fight, Keerti says I guess Pallavi found the truth and asks where is Esha, Jaya says why Esha, oh no did Esha spoil thing’s and goes slap Esha and says you broke my kids house why, what did you do, Esha says Amma, Jaya says don’t dare you call me that, you again broke my house, I was mad to trust you, Esha says believe me I didn’t do anything, Keerti says Amma stop it, don’t waste time behind her lets go.

Rajni serves everyone food, Mansi says you ordered or cooked, Rajni says I cooked, Vijay says its tasty where did you learn this from, Rajni says Amma, Vijay says your mother died when you were a kid, Milind says a show called Mummy’s kitchen, she learned from there, Mansi says good watching TV all day worked.

Pallavi thinking about all her good moments with Raghav and walking aimlessly on street, Amruta sees her and her state and asks whats wrong, Pallavi sees Amruta and hugs her starts crying and says Raghav broke my trust, our marriage and everything, he slept with Esha.

Keerti calms down Jaya, Sunny tells them Farhad called said no news, Keerti says Sunny do you know what happened, Sunny says I don’t know, it must be husband wife argument they will be fine. Jaya sees Raghav walk in lost and asks where is Pallavi, Raghav says I didn’t find and sees Esha and says this is all because of you.

Vijay and Mansi, sees Milind and Rajni and says what is wrong with this too, Mansi says they look so good. Amruta walks in with Pallavi, Milind and others get shocked seeing her and ask is she fine, Amruta says all good she fell down in market and so I got her here, come Pallavi lets get changed.
Vijay calls Raghav and informs him.
Amruta gets Pallavi changed and says here more sarees for you, I know I can’t reduce your pain, and I can’t even think what you are going through but I am with you in all your decision, Pallavi says I was giving him chance from day one and broke them everyday, its like a man can change but his nature can’t, he proved it today that never give anyone chance and I am never going back to him, he doesn’t deserve my love.

Mansi walks in and says Pallavi you have visitor.

Precap:Raghav at Deshmukh’s trying to talk to Pallavi, Pallavi slaps Raghav and says enough.
Raghav next day at Pallavi’s house says I will keep trying till I get you back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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