Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali : Round 1 to Esha !

Keerti asks Pallavi will she have orange, Pallavi says no I am good, Pallavi thinking about Esha’s words, Keerti asks you look worried what’s wrong, Pallavi asks you know Esha right from long back, Keerti says I only know that she and Raghav use to date in college and then she married someone else, you found something else about her, Pallavi says no, just that this girl is very different, she is not what she looks like, Keerti says I don’t like her, she left Raghav for Sumit and now hiding at Raghav’s house from Sumit, I was very clear you shouldn’t get her home.

Milind meets Rajni, Rajni says why did you call me here, Milind says Diwali gift, I got it for everyone, Rajni says gifts are for family I am not your family, Milind says I don’t know who you are, I just like spending time with you, please accept, Rajni likes the gift and says thank you
Sulochana sees Milind with a lady, and says this is what is cooking and about to record, Milind and Rajni leave.

Sulochana home crying, Amruta and Vijay ask what’s wrong, Sulochana says Milind has an affair, Vijay says this can’t happen, Sulochana says even I thought so but I saw by my own eyes, he has daughters home but look he is finding himself wife, I was about to click photo but he left.

Esha gets scared when she hears someone throw stone from window and a letter, Raghav and Sunny rush to her, Sunny reads letter, I will take you away from here very soon my loving ex wife.

Milind walks in, Sulochana says ask him where he was, Vijay says Milind you have an affair, Milind says don’t you know what liar she is, Sulochana says this time he is lying, look he is wearing different clothes, Milind says you spying on me, and you have any proofs, always behind someone in family and I don’t need to justify anyone and leaves.

Esha says this Sumit came here too, Raghav says I will go check outside, Pallavi walks in and says I saw someone ran, security tried to chase too but he escaped and said I will kill Esha and everyone, Raghav says how dare he, I will send him jail, Pallavi says he will release in two days and do something more bad, we need to focus on Esha’s safety, Sunny asks meaning, Pallavi says we got Esha here to keep her safe but he is here too, today he threw stone God knows what will he do now, Raghav says where will she be safe, Pallavi says your safe house, remember you sent Amma and Keerti there too, to save from Ved. Esha says no don’t send me anywhere, I am safe here, Sumit won’t do anything here, Pallavi says Esha, don’t be scared, safe house is very safe and Raghav I will give Esha my saree and she will cover her face and it will look like I am with you, Sunny says where are you taking her, Raghav says no one needs to know that, Esha go pack and Raghav leaves.

Pallavi says Esha I told you this house and husband is mine and now Raghav will throw you out himself, good bye Esha.

Sunny says to Esha don’t worry we will find a way, Esha says there is no way I will have to go, Sunny says Amma is the idea, she will stop you, Esha asks how.
Esha walks to Jaya with sweets and says aunty I am sorry to disturb but actually I wanted you to touch these sweets, I am going to give it in temple, these are in name of you, Raghav loved his family so much and I knew how Raghav felt after your husband and son’s death, though I had broken with Raghav I knew what he must be going through, so since then in Diwali I distribute these sweets in temple for your Raghav and Keerti’s healthy life and peace to your son and husband but this year you are here, Jaya smiles and thanks, Esha says today I am leaving so, Jaya says where, Esha says safe house, Jaya says if you loved Raghav and his family why did you leave him, Esha says my Appa would kill Raghav if I married him and to save him I lied that I want money and not Raghav, anyways Happy Diwali.
Sunny walks in and says Esha I was finding you, I thought of asking Raghav to let you stay here till Diwali atleast, right Amma, we can’t let her celebrate Diwali alone and I don’t have a sister and never celebrated Bhai Duj, and I thought this year will celebrate with Esha.
Pallavi and Raghav walk in, Raghav asks Esha are you ready, Esha makes sad face and says I will get my stuff, Jaya says stop, and says Esha won’t go anywhere, she will be alone during festival, she is our guest so she will celebrate diwali here, Raghav says it’s dangerous here, Esha looks at Pallavi and smiles, Jaya says we will take care of her don’t worry.

Rajni asks Milind why did he call her with her bag of clothes outside his house, Milind says come with me, Rajni says why. I come to your house, Milind says you will stay here in this house with me, my wife has seen us and I can’t handle if she does something to you I can’t bare, so come in, Milind sneaking Rajni in, Amruta says Mom what clothes are you wearing, Milind says we going upstairs, Amruta says but you two were fighting, Milind says we patched up and now we need to get pickle down, and run away, Amruta says whats wrong with Mom, what clothes shebis wearing.

Pallavi sees Esha in kitchen, Esha says will you have some green tea too, Pallavi says you are so shameless, manipulating Amma and breaking her sons life, Esha says I am not breaking anyone’s life, you are forced into his life, I am his love and you his just adjustment, you are lucky because I had compromised, you are not his type too and I will get my love and right back.

Pre cap:Raghav says Pallavi you are my life’s best gift, I don’t want anyone else the. You.
Sunny makes arrangements to give Pallavi a electric shock.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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