Yeh Hai Chahatein : Rudraksh & Preesha Team up To Expose Armaan & Sania

Mishka shows Sania’s video to Rudra and Sharda and asks if they trust her now. Rudra asks where is Sania. He says they have made a deal and he needs to marry her before he needs Sania’s location. He nervously says he needs time to make wedding arrangements. She says she has already made arrangements and after pheras, marriage registrar will register their marriage.

Once she leaves to get ready, Sharda asks Rudra not to make is life a hell by marrying Mishka. Rudra says he wants to get Sania and Arman punished, so he needs to marry Mishka. On the other side, Arman picks Preesha and heads towards airport when she pleads him to let her see Rudra once. He agrees and takes her to Rudra’s house where she is shocked to see Rudra marrying Mishka. She cries that Rudra forgot her so easily and is marrying Mishka. Arman says even he is shocked, he thought Rudra loved Preesha; its better if Preesha moves on like Rudra did. Preesha walks away with him crying.

After wedding finishes, Rudra insists Mishka to take him to Sania’s location. She gets location from Sunil and takes him there. Sania not noticing Sunil gets angry. She hears door bell and opens it thinking Sunil returned, but gets shocked seeing Rudra instead and tries to escape. Rudra catches her and shouts because of her, Preesha is in jail. Sania says its Arman’s idea and not hers. He continues shouting at her.

Inspector Chautala enters and asks him not to do any more mistake. She tongue lashes Sania that Preesha went to jail and died because of her, etc. Preesha enters and says she is alive. Rudra says their plan succeed and goes into flashback where he notices Chautala with Arman and clicks their pics. He then follows Chautala and threatens to expose her for supporting Arman and ruin her career. She says she has Arman’s favors and had to help him. He continues threating her. She agrees to help him. He explains his whole plan how to fool Arman and expose him. She agrees. He then meets Preesha and explains what would Arman do to get her back and she should gain his trust and being with him trap him in his own game.

Out of flashback, Rudra says Arman exactly did what he thought and took Preesha along after performing a fake accident, etc. Preesha says she was fooling Arman to know truth and was about to when Chachaji called him and spoilt her plan or else game would have ended then itself. Rudra says it was their good fate that Tanu called him and informed about Reshma, he then planned further and acted as he is trapped in Tanu’s plan instead. They both continue their revelation.

Precap: Chautala arrests Sania and heads to arrest Arman. Rudra takes Preesha home and shows her to family. Chautala walks in and says they have a good news that Preesha’s allegations are cleared and there is also a bad news.

Update Credit to: MA

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